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The technological progress holds unprecedented possibilities for medicine. Advance a new generation of innovative therapies and products with us. Your future begins now. In the Medical Affairs Team at Roche in Grenzach.

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You shape the future of medicine. At Roche we have been developing, marketing and researching new medicinal products and diagnostic procedures worldwide since 1896. We stand for innovation and personalised healthcare. Reshuffle the cards from our Medical Affairs area.

  • Roche has always been in a state of dynamic flux.

    What is happening at the moment in science is great for patients, great for physicians but also great for us who are developing medicinal products.

    Georg Isbary

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  • Klaus Finzler

    At Roche I can live out my need for diversity.

    Klaus Finzler, Medical Therapeutic Area Lead

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    Trainee Program Medical Functions at Roche

    The Start Up Trainee Program Medical Functions in Grenzach is the ideal career opportunity for physicians and pharmacists. Accompany a trainee for a day and learn more about his tasks and responsibilities, the culture at the Roche and the continuing offer to develop.

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  • Andreas Beringer

    Although I am on a different side I work on the same goal.

    Andreas Beringer, Medical Manager

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  • Stefan Frings

    The long-term perspective at Roche allows us to be courageous.

    Stefan Frings, Medical Director

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  • Kai Dittmann

    I see directly what I do for the patients and this is naturally a great motivation for me.

    Kai Dittmann, Medical Manager

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Avail yourself of our comprehensive benefits from the beginning: flexible working time models, active support in balancing family and profession, offers for financial provisions, as well as numerous further training and leisure time programs.


Flexible working models

  • Flexible working hours
  • Option for mobile working
  • Long-term account


  • Allowance for fitness studio
  • Sports courses on the campus e.g. Zumba or Crossfit
  • Comprehensive health and preventive medical checkups

Family & Profession

  • Day-care centre, kindergarten
  • Vacation care for children
  • Babysitter hotline
  • Intermediation with care topics (also Elder Care)

Financial provisions

  • Company pension scheme
  • Chemical industry pension fund
  • Roche participatory bonds

Risk protection

  • Accident insurance
  • Continued payment of salary in the event of illness
  • Continued payment of salary in the event of death
  • Survivors' pension

Further training

  • Individual development program
  • Leadership Excellence Program for future leadership roles in the medical area
  • Strategic Planning Course Medical Plan
  • Comprehensive offering of medical workshops to increase the knowledge basis

Get to know the teams

A meaningful activity, interactions based on appreciation and joint goals decisively contribute towards a harmonious working environment. Only through this is top performance possible. Get to know our way of working and our teams better.

Medical Management

  • Between science, medical profession and company

    As Medical Managers we are responsible for the scientific design and the further development of a product and are contact partners for medical topics involving the medical strategy. We prepare new study data for the internal and external communication, correspondingly train the medical field service and also carry the results into the cross-functional Brand Teams. Therefore our role within the company is scientific as well as also communicative - a real hub function.

    Our main tasks

  • Interface and data reading

    Our daily work is shaped by the exchange with all stakeholders involved in a product. Thereby above all the clinical data stands in the foreground. We collect this data and make it available in the form of publications, therapy accompanying booklets or patient information documents. We consider which data is relevant for physicians or experts, prepare presentations and materials or visit congresses. It is extremely important to know how the data is accepted in the therapeutic landscape. Through Advisory Boards we are directly advised by physicians and reflect our results together with them. We investigate where data or information is required. It is important that we thereby always proceed with an open result.

    What is important for us

  • Apart from the professional qualification good and adaptive communication is a key competence with us, so that all contact partners remain informed in the best way possible. Thereby we need to work very precisely. Only through this can we provide physicians with a realistic assessment of the profile that a medicinal product has and what it is able to perform for them. Patient information is only possible if we undertake the necessary preparation work and enable physicians to provide this through the relevant information.

    What makes us special

  • Direct line to the practical aspect

    The proximity to the medical profession - and associated with this also to the patient - is a unique feature in Medical Management. Through the direct line to the clinics we are in a certain way their extended arm within the company. There are however distinct differences in comparison to the work in the clinic.

    In the cross functional teams we as Medical Managers are mainly responsible for representing our area. There is no one who pre-thinks anything for us. This gives us large degrees of freedom. Apart from our role as indication and product experts we are e.g. also decisively involved in the medical product strategy.

    The benefits within the company

  • The culture at Roche also distinctly sets itself apart from research and clinic work. Superiors are explicitly trained in employee leadership; we have our own Coaching & Mentoring Program and regularly engage in exchanges through Learnings or Best Practices. In addition there are very many further training possibilities and we regularly visit congresses throughout the world. So thereby the global context is a factor that makes our work something very special.

    Current jobs in Medical Management

Biometrics & Epidemiology

  • Direct line to study data

    In our team statisticians, epidemiologists and data managers work on ensuring that study data is surveyed, assessed and interpreted using a clean methodology. We therefore not only work on existing data but are also actively involved in the initialisation of clinical studies. Our work has a large influence on the quality of the surveyed data – and therefore also on the benefit assessment of the medicinal product: How well were we able to quantify the additional benefit compared to the current standard medicinal product, how scientifically precise is the substantiation?

    Our challenges

  • Statistical and epidemiological methodology competence for all

    Our unique feature is the knowledge of statistical and epidemiological methodology: In our department we bundle the scientific/methodological expertise in the handling of study data and in diverse interface functions are involved in the observance of methodological standards and maximum quality. Our greatest challenge also lies in our active advisory function: We not only communicate with methodologists but also with economic scientists, pharmacists or physicians. So not only the expertise is involved but also how to communicate it.

    How we handle market changes

  • Innovation as everyday work

    Our orientation towards current market developments and trends such as Big Data leads to being able to learn something new every day with us. So for example since 2016 we have the Real World Data area, which is methodologically accompanied by us and involves the surveying and utilisation of real world data, e.g. from cancer registers. Although this data in comparison to data from a controlled environment only represents a supplement – it at the same time also has a great potential: An App that the patient carries with him in everyday life can for example provide indications on how he can improve his well-being during a clinical study and also later in everyday treatment.

    Which abilities do we rely on

  • Anyone who would like to start with us should:

    • be able to communicate methodologically complex circumstances to different target groups,
    • bring an affinity for handling figures as well as a passion for the implementation of scientific standards,
    • plan analyses and studies in a foresighted way and then be able to perform them.

    The professional background in our team is very diverse: Whereas statisticians have usually also studied statistics, amongst the epidemiologists there are physicians as well as public health scientists. With data managers previous experience is necessary in the pharmaceutical industry or a corresponding training.

    Our motivation

  • Our team burns for the methodological-scientific portion of our work – planning, analysis, interpretation. At the same time we are interested in seeing how our results are implemented in medical practice. It is great to see the impact of one's own work. Here we greatly benefit that Roche reinvests a significant proportion of the earnings in research & development.

    Current jobs at Medical Affairs

Medical Information & Relations

  • Contact with the physician at the centre of the activities

    Whereas for many areas at Roche the contact with the physicians only constitutes a part of the diverse tasks, with Medical Information & Relations it forms the central component of our work and usually takes place on a daily basis. The department operates as umbrella for the areas Medical Information and Medical Scientific Relations, which are close to the customers, as well as for the supporting areas Publication Management and scientific research; we thereby offer a very wide spectrum of tasks.

    Medical Information

  • Immediate help

    With Medical Information the physician is in the active role: If he has a scientific question then we are his first point of contact. Our goal: To quickly, specifically and scientifically correctly answer the question to support the physician or pharmacist in his therapy decision, respectively the advising of his customers. By the way, patients may also contact us directly. In addition to the German enquiries in Grenzach we also manage enquiries from other countries that require special research.

    Medical Scientific Liaison

  • From direct proximity

    With Medical Scientific Liaison the initiative comes from us: We engage in regular exchanges with leading experts, proactively bring topics into awareness and at the same time derive relevant information for us from this, e.g. on the current application of a medicinal product. For this we visit physicians on-site and engage in the scientific discourse with them. Apart from this we organise Medical Educations and are available as contact partners at congresses.

    Who we are and who we are looking for

  • Service mentality & Networking Skills wanted

    Pharmacists and physicians work at Medical Information who can answer specific questions as fast as possible. We are looking for people who can get to the point, and skills in different languages would be an asset. To act flexibly with consistent competence with us, everyone is able to answer all questions. With Medical Scientific Liaison scientists are required with strong communication skills who can approach their counterparts with much inquisitiveness, can scientifically discuss in their core area and can identify information with strategic relevance.

    What unites us

  • Responsibility for the patient

    As diverse as the daily work of the teams may be – the Roche guiding principle "Doing now what patients need next" is reality for us all. So a telephone conversation at Medical Information often begins with the line "Sitting opposite to me is my patient." An employee at Medical Scientific Liaison visits clinics on site or prepares the latest information for physicians, who in turn report and discuss current scientific data in their circle of colleagues. We are not only aware of the social aspect of our work , it also contributes to a high degree to our personal motivation.

    Current jobs at Medical Affairs

Country Clinical Operations

  • We implement clinical studies

    Our department is responsible for the management and the operative execution of all clinical studies in Germany and Switzerland. This includes early phase studies in which the effect of completely new medicinal products is determined in a controlled environment – or also late phase studies in which under real-life conditions we find out whether previously unknown adverse reactions occur. In addition we try to as quickly as possible make new medicinal products available to patients with life-threatening diseases, for which there is not yet any standard therapy.

    How we are active

  • Local expertise for global initiatives

    Our department is present in many countries, which in turn report to the global organisation. From the headquarters in Basel we receive the task of implementing clinical studies and then verify their feasibility for the German and Swiss market. As soon as we have decided to participate in a study we are in coordination with local teams, for example the Medical Management: What do we already know about the disease? Who are the relevant physicians? Which clinics have the operative and personnel requirements to implement the studies with us?

    What we are proud of

  • Innovations for the well-being of the patient

    At the centre of focus of our activities is that the patient is comfortable during a clinical study and that his safety is ensured. The patient information materials that we provide for the physicians therefore carry maximum information value and show the patient the content, advantages and risks of the clinical study. Apart from this, together with the global organisation we develop innovative concepts for the execution of studies, e.g. Apps, Concierge-Services and Home-Nursing concepts. The better we design the study for the patient, the faster we are able to make a new medicinal product available to the public.

    How we are structured

  • Our team is divided into two groups: one that is involved with early phase marketing authorisation studies, and one that is involved with late phase studies after marketing authorisation. The Country Study Manager is responsible for the execution of a study, but is initially supported by colleagues who are responsible for the ethics submittal and contact to the marketing authorisation authority. In the execution Clinical Country Specialists are on board for the project management. Also important are Business Support for financial and contractual questions, as well as Quality & Compliance for internal regulations and processes. The professional background is therefore very diverse, e.g. commercial, medical and/or scientific.

    Who we are looking for

  • Those working with us above all need:

    • Commitment: Clinical studies are often very protracted. For this much staying power is needed, and the ability to motivate the own team.
    • Pleasure in precise work: In our department comprehensive documentation is very important.
    • Communication skills: We communicate in German and English, with nurses and senior physicians, with local colleagues but also with Chinese and American teams.
    • The ability to identify large interrelationships: With the help of risk analyses we estimate the long-term consequences of our actions.

    Current jobs at Medical Affairs

Drug Safety

  • Our main centre of focus is pharmacovigilance. On the basis of the global strategy our team has the task of identifying all safety-relevant information from Germany, as well as all activities and programs where such information may be reported. This information is processed by us and may result in necessary measures. Our core objective is to represent a product in a holistic way with regard to safety – we achieve this under observance of the legislative requirements, but also under application of innovative approaches.

    The implementation of the global strategies and the adaptation of the measures to the local circumstances may be challenging hereby – for this the development of own solution ideas is required.

    How we work

  • Co-conception is necessary

    We utilise many different sources to acquire safety information: information about people who have come into contact with our medicinal products is for example reported to us by physicians or pharmacists, by the patients themselves or also from market research. We additionally generate data ourselves, for example with clinical studies. Hereby it is decisive that we identify the potential for the generation of the safety information and correspondingly proactively create our processes.

    This is how we are structured

  • Experts in their field

    To be able to represent pharmacovigilance in its different dimensions we are structured in three sub-teams that contribute their medical-scientific (these are mainly physicians), their life sciences and administrative expertise. A specialisation also takes place with the indications: Every employee is an expert for a certain product or a product group.

    This is what counts for us with applicants

  • Love of detail – and the safety of the patient

    Ideally a person who wants to become involved with us works in a structured, focused way and enjoys working with formalised processes. At the same time when creating new processes or systems much creativity is needed. But the most important thing for us is also the mindset: We are concerned about the safety of the patient

    How we engage in further training

  • Opportunities for newcomers and career changers

    It is very important for us that our employees have the matching mindset and develop the awareness for medical risks and safety-relevant information. Therefore we encourage them to utilise the internal further training offers at Roche. But we additionally also visit external training courses and workshops – or we recruit external trainers to come to us. Further development and training is also important for newcomers or career changers in our team: Anyone starting with us is given diverse possibilities to acquire the knowledge that is important for him and us.

    Current jobs at Medical Affairs

Drug Regulatory Affairs

  • Our team engages itself with all regulatory aspects of our products in Germany and ensures that all regulations are implemented consistent with the specifications. We e.g. ensure that the most up-to-date summary of product characteristics and package leaflets are available. At the same time we are available to other departments in an advisory capacity, especially for interactions with the federal joint committee (G-BA). In the final instance we ensure that German patients, physicians and pharmacists always have the most up-to-date information available to them about our medicinal products.

    What we are proud of

  • Knowing regulations means actively advising and co-designing

    Our field of activity is often associated with the close processing of regulations. Although we do also do this – our everyday work however entails far more than this! Our work is extremely varied and multifaceted, as we are involved in every phase of the product life-cycle. We are involved with the development of new medicinal products from the very first minute, and at the same time we also advise with the launch of products or with products already having marketing authorisation. Knowing regulations has an immense strategic value for us: We are distinctly aware of our obligations and rights and thereby create a real added value for the patients.

    Our most important tasks

  • Global Player & Communicator

    Communication and interface work represent an important component of our work. We are central contact partners for the authorities, with whom it is often necessary to coordinate sensitive information. The contact with our global Regulatory Team is decisive for us, to find out about changes, e.g. new indications, at an early time. One core task is to advise the German subsidiary regarding these changes, at the same time we support and advise the global Development and Established Teams regarding questions from our German authorities.

    How we are structured

  • image

    To meet these diverse tasks, in our team consisting of approximately 25 colleagues three sub-teams attend to:

    • Applications for clinical studies and tasks for longer marketed products including advice meetings with authorities,
    • Tasks involving products with new marketing authorisation from the year 2011, as these are subject to a specific assessment through the G-BA, as well as
    • all administrative tasks such as sending of the submittals and archiving.

    On the one hand scientists such as pharmacists, biochemists and biologists work in our team, and on the other hand employees with commercial training.

    Who we are looking for

  • To take-off with us one should:

    • be inquisitive and open for regulatory questions,
    • bring strategic thinking and design knowledge,
    • work carefully and structured,
    • have sensitivity in dealing with most diverse authorities and sensitive data,
    • be interested in global cooperation and speak fluent business English,
    • not lastly bring the willingness to continuously extend one's own understanding.

    Apart from the professional development "on the job“, which this task per definition brings along with it, Roche offers diverse possibilities to also develop further personally.

    Current jobs at Medical Affairs

Traineeship Start Up Medical Functions

  • The direct way to reach the goal

    To discover, sharpen and deploy one's own strengths is a challenging task. For this reason we give our trainees a lot of space to reorient themselves and to try out new things.

    What our trainees do

  • This is how the Traineeship proceeds

    During the first 18 months of the program that extends over a total of 24 months the trainees go through six different stations in the area Medical Affairs, independently work on projects and prove their talents. In the last six months in a deepening phase they have the possibility of specialising in their target area.

    What our trainees really do

  • This is what the trainees do

    Our trainees are by no means silent observers. In their studies and practice they have already proven their abilities. They deploy their professional knowledge and their external perspective to repeatedly place the status quo on the test bench and to rethink processes. This makes them the best impulse providers in the company from whom all teams directly benefit. Along the way they learn the craft of Medical Affairs.

    Personal further training

  • image

    Coaching & Mentoring

    Apart from the professional training the engagement with oneself and the own goals is a significant component of the traineeship. Thereby mentors are also always available to the trainees - all of them trained leaders from the Senior Management. We do not develop any employees: We promote people.

    Who are our trainees

  • This is how the trainees tick

    Our Medical Affairs trainees have predominantly studied medicine, pharmacy or natural sciences and have a doctorate in their field.

    MYou can find out more about the community of all trainees at Roche in Germany here.

    Current jobs at Medical Affairs

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Make a difference. For a better life. Become a part of Roche:

  • Medical Manager (m/f/d)

    Medical Manager

    Strategist and pathfinder

    As approbated physician, pharmacist, respectively scientist you always maintain a clear perspective in the handling of clinical studies? You understand as much about your field as you do about patients and maybe even have had initial experience in the indication environment? Medicine is your passion and you wish to embark on new paths in it? Then become part of our Medical Management Team and develop state-of-the-art and innovative therapy strategies for the future.
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  • Drug Safety Physician (m/f/d)

    Drug Safety Physician

    Business-Driver and Safety-Expert

    You want to deploy your long-term experience as physician or scientist in drug safety and already have clinical experience or directly with pharmacovigilance? You get to the point and have already published in diverse specialist media? Then support us in future as safety expert in the strategic product planning of our medicinal products.
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  • Statistician (m/f/d)

    Statistiker (m/w)

    Modellist and expert with numbers

    You really enjoy handling numbers; analytic thinking is part of your character? After your completed mathematics or statistics studies you were ideally already able to perfect these abilities through long-term professional experience. If apart from this you bring interest and experience in the planning and implementation of clinical studies, then you are the right person to support our biostatistics team as statistician (m/f).
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  • Epidemiologist (m/f/d)

    Epidemiologe (m/w)

    Detective and population researcher

    You are expert for medical interrelationships with a keen sense for the big picture and its temporal progression? You have ideally completed studies in public health or natural sciences with a postgraduate course in epidemiology and have corresponding prior knowledge in medicine and statistics? You enjoy epidemiological modelling and the estimation of patient populations and write scientifically in a way that is easily understandable? Then your abilities could in future be deployed with us as epidemiologist (m/f).
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  • Medical Science Liaison Manager (m/f/d)

    Medical Science Liaison Manager

    Connective link and communicator/in

    You enjoy the scientific exchange and networking with physicians and scientists. Apart from a high communication competence you have fundamental knowledge in the area of life sciences? Then become our connection to research and development at Roche - as Medical Science Liaison Manager in the medical field service.
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  • Medical Lead (m/f/d)

    Medical Lead (m/w)

    Leader & Backbone

    You are medical expert with leadership experience and would like to deploy your knowledge for designing the medical strategy of an indication area? As Medical Therapeutic Area Lead at the company Roche Pharma AG you lead a mixed team and work cross-functionally to coordinate all aspects in your therapeutic area.
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  • Drug Regulatory Affairs Manager (m/f/d)

    Drug Regulatory Affairs Manager (m/w)

    Global Player und Communicator

    The marketing authorisation for medicinal products is your hobby, English no problem? Apart from this you are communicative and enjoy working internationally? Then in future deploy your several years of experience and the understanding from your pharmacy, medicine or natural sciences studies with us as Drug Regulatory Affairs Manger (m/f).
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Living and working in Grenzach – welcome to the three border triangle

Above average hours of sunshine, a strong economic region, cultural hotspots and in addition to this the Rhine and the mountains. The three border triangle Germany, Switzerland and France offers an extremely high quality of life with exceptional nature experience and leisure time value. What employees say about living in the tri-border region can be found here.

  • Year in year out I enjoy the wide offering of jazz events in Basel. The cultural scene in the region is a large plus.

    Alfons Wiggenhauser Medical Management
  • I enjoy being outdoors and as a fan of climbing I couldn't have chosen a better place for myself. I open the front door and am in the middle of nature.

    Jochen Schulze Drug Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • The internationalism of the three border triangle and of Roche affects the entire region. Both my daughters visit the dual language Roche day-care centre "Ideenreich“ in Grenzach.

    Agnieszka Specht Medical Manager
  • I appreciate the openness and the straightforwardness – this applies for the architecture on our campus, as well as also the colleagues here.

    Kai-Uwe Saum Real World Data Scientist
  • As city person I live in Basel with my friend. The connection of the public means of transport to Roche in Grenzach is excellent.

    Sepiede Azghandi Real World Data Specialist

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