We are looking for you as

  • Product Manager (m/f/d)

    Product Manager (m/f/d)

    Would you like to be responsible for the successful development and implementation of national marketing campaigns? Then you are exactly in the right place with us as Product Manager. As central point of focus in this job you stand in close contact with the internal and external interfaces and lead the product team.

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  • Brand Lead (m/f/d)

    Brand Lead (m/f/d)

    You know what is important with the corporate management of a brand? As Brand Lead you can prove your expertise and look after the brand(s) over the entire life cycle. Apart from this your tasks also include the leadership of the cross-functional team, as well as the strategic and operative control of the brand.

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  • Franchise Lead (m/f/d)

    Franchise Lead (m/f/d)

    You would like to be responsible for the strategic planning of several brands, respectively multiple indications? In this case the position as Franchise Lead comes into consideration for you! As head of a cross-functional team you consolidate brand strategies and assume the overarching vision, strategy and planning of the franchise. Together with the global team you additionally ensure the positioning in the overall strategy.

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  • Marketing Director (m/f/d)

    Marketing Director (m/f/d)

    You feel confident to lead a national marketing team? As Marketing Director this is exactly your job. Together with your team you are responsible for the coordination of all marketing activities. Furthermore, the core tasks also include the further development of your team and the development of marketing excellence in the company.

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  • Trainer (m/f/d)

    Trainer(in) (m/f/d)

    You have quick understanding and enjoy passing on your knowledge to others? You have pronounced communication abilities and can enthusiastically combine scientific topics and conceptual requirements in innovative training courses? Then with us as product and communication trainer you will find the matching challenges.

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Which marketing job suits me?

Test yourself and discover which marketing job suits you best.

Which animal best describes your characteristics?

Dog: By nature empathic and close to humans. Prefers to live in a pack but can also be the driving force for a whole group.

Lion: A fighter by nature, who in spite of their all-round qualities prefer to proceed with forethought – whether alone or in the group.

Bird: Specialized in flying and best adapted to the environment, the bird always retains the overview from above, is independent and acts with foresight.

How much pioneering spirit have you got?

The only real constant is change. I am a digital native and if necessary am also willing to take a risk before I fall back.

I am always up-to-date and open to all innovations. I find change and the possibilities that result from it exciting, but not at all costs.

I clearly question the status quo and take new paths. But I also need harmony. In “breakthrough” I dislike the “break” part.

Do you have a fighting spirit?

I am more empathic and committed to the needs of others. I fight to find the right solution for them.

I always have my goals clearly in view. I fight for the highest solution quality.

I like to analyse complex interrelations but prefer to act from behind the scenes - if possible without a fight.

How do you inspire your colleagues for unusual perspectives?

I am a lateral thinker. I always try to convince others to adopt new perspectives and sustainably rethink.

I strongly incorporate the perspective of others in my considerations to reach a sophisticated solution.

I decide according to the data situation. Perspective changes are an additional enrichment.

How do you work with complex data and interrelationships?

I like complex interrelationships. One only needs to thoroughly analyse them and carve out the strategically relevant understanding.

I try to gain an overview of the most relevant points as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Figures, data and facts are important, but I prefer to draw my understanding from direct contact with customers and their needs.

Jonas Karcher

Product Manager

You are best suited as:

Product Manager

Key ability: All-rounder

As interface and the one who pulls the strings you are responsible for the big picture. For you no day is like any other. This makes your tasks demanding as well as with diverse. You are convinced you will never be finished learning. Persuasive power, customer communication and organization are therefore only a few of your abilities that give Roche Marketing Excellence in the pharmaceuticals market.

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André Grant

Digital Innovations Manager

You are best suited as:

Digital Innovations Manager

Key ability: Future designer

According to the motto “Standstill is regression” you bring digital change into the company. Where others see challenges, you see solutions. With your technical expertise and command of words you take the wind out of the sails of the doubters and convince them to take new paths. Those who – like you – newly think the future are willing to take risks to turn the status quo inside out.

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These jobs also suit you:

Olga Bury

Manager Patient Partnership

You are best suited as:

Manager Patient Partnership

Key ability: Empathy

You take the patient on-board and thereby those people who are most affected by our activities. Together with them thanks to your empathy, passion and your fighting spirit you make a large contribution towards patient empowerment. Also in budget questions your persuasive power and your high commitment are indispensable.

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These jobs also suit you:

Rooschanak Foroutan

Product Manager
closely works cross-functionally together with Customer Experience Managers.

You are best suited as:

Customer Experience Manager

Key ability: Customer understanding

You are the voice of the customers in the company. Your customer orientation and ability to encourage change of perspective shape the internal mind set and decisively contribute to the solution quality. You are focused, determined and with your diplomatic aptitude you engineer the necessary compromises for an implementation.

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These jobs also suit you:

Daniel Bretschneider

Market Research Manager

You are best suited as:

Market Research Manager

Key ability: Interpretation ability

You know the market like the back of your hand. Analytical thinking, data affinity and ability to think abstractly characterize you. Where others see an arbitrary column of figures, you read the future of a whole sector from them.

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These jobs also suit you:

Marketing at Roche means excellence in the pharmaceuticals market

We stand for cross-functional working, interface management and a comprehensive networking environment. A successful career with us is founded on the will to consistently develop oneself further in all areas. Only through this will we even in future be able to optimally orientate ourselves towards the customers and the market.

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Insights into our teams

International Brand Team

  • Roche employs more than 90,000 people in more than 100 countries. We develop and market innovative medicinal products and diagnostics that help millions of patients worldwide. International Brand Teams (IBT) are structured to coordinate the measures of all our locations, to define joint goals and to ensure a unified presence of all products. These are comprised of representatives from the different regions or countries. The team is headed by an International Product Manager (IPM), member of the global team in Basel.

    Our main task

  • In the International Brand Teams we determine the higher-level strategy for a product in the global Annual Brand Plan (ABP). The objective of the ABP is to create a work foundation for each country. This begins with the product vision and then continues further into the specific details. Especially for the smaller countries that have less capacities, this basis is very helpful.

    How we are structured

  • The International Brand Teams are characterised through an especially high level of expertise, as they are nearly exclusively comprised of experienced employees.
    At our meetings we discuss market analyses, growth fields, key drivers or customer segmentations, form workgroups on different topics, mutually present country-specific ideas and special features or participate in workshops. On conclusion the International Product Manager combines the results. We share "Best Practices" on successful projects and through the exchange we ensure that individual affiliates do not get on the wrong track.

    How we work together

  • Apart from digital meetings at least once per year there is a Face-to-Face meeting. This usually serves as Kick-Off-Event for the Annual Brand Plan. Further meetings are e.g. made possible within the scope of larger conferences. Thereby communication exclusively takes place in English language. In spite of the bandwidth of different market conditions in the different countries we usually discover more mutual factors than differences. For all those involved this is a very good reassurance that we are on the right track.

    Our greatest challenge

  • Through the different overall conditions in each country the greatest challenge is to keep the Anual Brand Plan as simple as possible and at the same time as comprehensive as necessary: We must abstract from the own market and fade out the country-specific differences in support of a global strategy. As the ABP is respectively prepared for the following year we must additionally work with great foresight. Through this farsightedness we contribute per definition to the Roche guiding principle "Doing now what patients need next".

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Marketing Team

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    Differentiation as success factor

    In the national marketing teams we coordinate all activities that are directed towards the implementation of the marketing strategy and towards the thereby resulting positioning of one or several of our products in the market. Product Launches are amongst our daily tasks as Marketeers, through which we often also get to know and develop new markets for Roche. Especially in these cases the competition is large and the differentiation becomes the decisive factor: We identify what makes our product unique and develop a clear storyline that is equally communicated to all target groups - doctors, nurses and of course the patient.

    Our greatest challenges

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    Balancing act between agility & long-term strategy

    Of special importance for us as marketing team is the ability to be able to flexibly react to changes at short notice. If for example the result of a study is different than expected we must reassess: are we still on the right track with our strategy? At the same time we must not be driven by the market. We want to shape the market and also make visible what we represent. For this it is decisive that with all the short-term flexibility we keep our long-term objectives in view.

    How we can manage to stand out in the market

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    A strong marketing strategy for a product can only be developed when the team behind it also lives according to a corresponding attitude and conviction. What distinguishes Roche marketing teams is on the one hand the great wealth of experience, which can for example with combination studies be drawn upon for new products. In addition to this every product and also every team naturally brings specific peculiarities with it that are decisive for the success. What is common to all teams: successfully marketing innovative medicinal products so that they are available to the patients as fast as possible. In addition to this we are united by the aspiration to create exceptional customer experiences to jointly improve the lives of our patients.

    How we are structured

  • image

    A marketing team mainly consists of product managers, but however partially with very different orientations. So for example product managers can be responsible for the marketing of our medicinal products in a certain indication, others again ensure that with several indications the core of the brand is always communicated in the same way. Previous experiences as well as the personality of the individual contribute towards the team as a whole. The most important sparring partners for us are the colleagues from the team Medical Affairs, as well as the commercial and medical field service.

    Who enriches our team

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    The mind set decides

    Having high prospects of success with us are individuals who have the

    • absolute will to bring a product to the top,
    • are nevertheless open and cooperative and maintain a good sense of connectedness, and
    • have the awareness that with our medicinal product we have the opportunity to create something special.

    With the decision in favour of an applicant we look at the whole team. So a fresh look from the outside, deep understanding about a customer or strong marketing skills can offer the greatest added value. In addition to this the right mix is decisive in the team - one needs passionate fighters, as well as cool and calm thinkers.

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Product Team

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    Always up-to-date

    In the product team we have the varied and challenging task of implementing marketing strategies into action. For this we develop materials with which our products can be successfully positioned with the relevant target groups. Every product team is designed around one or several products and consists of experts that complement each other from marketing, the field service, patient care and the medical area.

    How we master our challenges

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    Interface work as challenge & opportunity

    To effectively communicate messages from one source it is for us especially important to network our team members with each other. Especially because one part of the team works in the field service, it is not always easy to continuously remain in contact with each other and to create a mutual understanding for our tasks and goals. Here for example the product team meetings are helpful which take place in the centre of Germany, well reachable for all team members, and in which we jointly forge forward with the development of materials.

    What constitutes our team

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    The personality counts

    In the team we professionally count on a good mixture of marketing experts and employees with scientific background. Just as important for us are however the characteristics that connect us all:

    • the trust in the reliability of all team members - we often transfer tasks to colleagues to act as quickly as possible
    • the flexibility to respond to short-term changes in the market
    • above all however the commitment and the goal orientation that is necessary to successfully market the product and to thereby distinguish oneself from the competition.

    How we engage in further training

  • image

    Individual freedom

    As diverse as our professional backgrounds, as diverse are also the needs for further development. So with us the ability to successfully cooperate with agencies plays an important role - whether it is in internal service with the preparation of print materials and digital content or in field service with the organisation of events. Roche makes a wide further training offering available for all areas and functions - and this is utilised by everyone in the team according to his or her individual needs and preferences.

    What we work for

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    Doing now what patients need next

    Even though we as corporation follow commercial goals, the patient always stands in the focus of our actions. Especially in the product team we direct every strategy, discussion or decision to the question: What do we thereby contribute towards the well-being of the patient?

    Current jobs in Marketing

Franchise Team

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    The big picture in view

    In the Franchise Team strategic thinking is needed: Apart from the Franchise Lead our team comprises of representatives from the core functions and operates cross-product. With us the verification and further development of product strategies stands on the daily agenda. Thereby it does not remain with the discussion: We are at the same time also a steering committee - what we decide in our group on a strategic level is subsequently tactically implemented e.g. in the product teams. As each of us has leadership responsibility we additionally cooperate with the Franchise-Team for mutual consultation in leadership questions.

    How we work

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    Together towards the goal

    As team we confront the continuously changing market environment, assess the current situation and especially direct the attention towards the future - which decisions do we need to undertake now to also be successful in 1, 3 or 5 years? Internally we are confronted with the challenge of identifying and prioritising the current business relevant topics - and to then break them down so that they can be tactically implemented in the respective teams.

    How we are structured

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    Cross-functional expertise

    As the Franchise Team comprises of representatives from Marketing, Medical Affairs, Market Access and Sales as well as the Franchise Lead, we bring along the necessary strategic and professional expertise to achieve our goals: to position our products in the market through strong product strategies and to thereby secure the business success. For consultation purposes specialists are available for us, e.g. from market research or pricing - but however in the final instance only we five decide.

    What distinguishes us as team

  • image

    Diversity as strength

    Even though each of us belongs to a different area - one can definitely call us a strong team! We gladly accept the joint responsibility and invest a lot of energy and time to include all those involved and adequately pick them up from their level and to come to consensus decisions. Here a lot of empathy is needed towards the different perspectives, e.g. in our regular Franchise Team Meetings that take place once a month.

    Who we are looking for

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    These abilities are what count in the Franchise Team

    • Cross-functional discussion of issues
    • discussion forwards and not in the breadth
    • putting oneself in the position of other areas
    • accepting the speed and dynamics of the market
    • jointly coming to decisions.

    In the filling of new positions it is important for us to not only stew in our own juices: We are open for applicants with a different professional perspective that enriches our perspectives.

    Current jobs in Marketing

Brand Team

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    "Companies" within the company

    We in the Brand Teams are like small "companies" within the company, who are overall responsible for a certain brand. In the case of the Brand Team colorectal carcinoma this is for example a large product authorised for marketing. The responsibility of the team amongst others comprises of all activities in the area marketing, media, sales and access.

    What we stand for

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    As experts for the individual areas we cooperate cross functionally to make the product accessible for the patients coming into consideration for it. A large challenge in the daily work is to respond to changes in the marketing environment in good time. For this we in the teams stand in very close contact with marketing.

    How we work

  • Zusammenarbeit auf Augenhöhe

    Cooperation at eye level

    In our Brand Teams there are no hierarchies. The work and the exchange takes place at eye level. Every opinion is important and is included in the consideration. This applies for the strategic, as well as also operative questions with which we are engaged as teams. An important task is for example the preparation of the annual brand plans to develop measures and strategies for the next year. The close exchange and the good discussions between the disciplines lead to better decisions that are subsequently implemented in the specialist areas.

    Who we are

  • Diversität willkommen!

    Diversity is welcome!

    In each Brand Team the experts from different areas converge:

    • a marketing expert (Product Manager)
    • a medical expert (Medical Manager)
    • a sales representative (Regional Manager)
    • a person responsible for Market Access (HTA & Value Manager)
    • a Brand Team Lead, who leads the team, who however does not hold the responsibility for the team members

    What makes us special?

  • Unternehmen im Unternehmen

    Many of the Brand Teams have members with different backgrounds: they respectively bring own points of view and perspectives with them due to different professional, personal and also cultural experiential backgrounds. Several colleagues come from other Roche places of business throughout the world. This enriches the exchange and increases the result quality of the decisions. The spectrum of the professional backgrounds is colourful and extends from pharmaceuticals through biochemistry, medicine up to economic science and sociology. So in everyday working life everyone can learn from each other.

    Current jobs in Marketing

Trainer at the Training Centre

  • With us talents become professionals

    In the fast-paced and highly regulated environment of pharmaceuticals the professional and communicative competence is a professional basis and success factor at the same time.
    We trainers at the Training Centre convey the necessary professional and product understanding, as well as competences of professional communication.
    So our field service employees acquire the necessary understanding and abilities to be able to engage in intensive and professional conversations with the physicians.

    Our role within the corporation

  • Knowledge as basis

    The knowledge about our products and therapy concepts is bundled with us at the Training Centre and is didactically processed. We make it available to all Roche employees as basic training courses or special training courses "on demand“: Before the first customer contact new field service employees pass through an intensive training at the Training Centre. We are available to the Franchise-Teams as often as we are required for trainings and workshops for the existing field service team, e.g. with indication extensions or with launches of medicinal products

    Why we exactly enquire about the background of training assignments

  • The "higher what for" is what is decisive!

    It is our aspiration to develop training and workshop offers in such a way that the commissioning parties and the training participants obtain exactly the training that helps them most to achieve their business goals. It is clarified in advance what is to be conveyed with our trainings and what should be different afterwards than it was before. This is of course demanding for our commissioning parties, but also sharpens their perspective towards their own request and the core of the training measure.

    How we convey content

  • image

    Blended Learning as key

    A combination consisting of presence and distance training, combined with a sophisticated mix of methods and e-pedagogue know-how make us unique: Depending on the assignment we compile made-to-measure training courses. In the distance teaching formats, as well as in the live training events our participants can acquire and deepen knowledge interactively. They can set themselves learning goals and verify them themselves. Of course not everyone finds the same access to training and e-training, but the pleasure in learning is large and everyone is aware of the relevance.

    Who are the trainers

  • Our team consists of scientists and e-pedagogues. We have young trainers who have already taught at university and who bring fresh understanding from there, and experienced trainers with field service and leadership experience, as well as with experience as Product Manager, Medical Manager or e-Learning-Experts. They all burn for conveying understanding and training. Together we work within the corporation so that all Roche employees are professionally adept and are professional dialogue and contact persons for our customers and partners. The competence development is the key for this.

    Current jobs in Marketing

What distinguishes us

Becoming a part of our marketing team, this means: a great working atmosphere, high degree of autonomy and diverse further training possibilities. Apart from this as top employer we offer diverse benefits and a good work-life balance.

  • Michaela Uhlmann

    I was directly included by everyone.

    Michaela Uhlmann named Rentzing, Product Manager at Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach-Wyhlen

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  • Jakob Schröter

    Creating more contact points through the digital world.

    Jakob Schröter,Digital Innovations Manager at Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach

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  • Muriel Behra

    We apply ourselves day by day for our mission ‘Doing now what patients need next’!

    Muriel Behra,Customer Experience Manager at Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach

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  • Maira Trauzettel

    Question again and again what is important for you in life!

    Maira Trauzettel,Team Lead Patient Partnership at Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach

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  • Daniel Bretschneider

    Never avoid failure. Be more courageous!

    Daniel Bretschneider,Market Research Manager at Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach

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  • Muriel Behra

    I'm from the region and I really enjoy staying here.

    Muriel Behra, Customer Experience Manager

    See what our employees appreciate about the region. To the video interviews

  • Isabel Burckhardt

    I can't be an expert in every area – only in a team are we very strong.

    Isabel Burckhardt, Franchise Lead

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  • Christian Klenke

    Every Marketeer works towards the moment when a product comes onto the market.

    Christian Klenke, Product Manager

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  • Claudia Dannehl

    I was able to develop according to my own preferences and strengths.

    Claudia Dannehl, Brand Lead

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  • Margit Miesbauer

    I especially really enjoy the unexpected. No day is like any other.

    Margit Miesbauer, Product Manager

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  • Levin Böhlig

    Innovation means: taking the risk of failing.

    Levin Böhlig, Senior Product Manager

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  • Nadja Thomas

    Personal and professional development are very important for me. For Roche too.

    Nadja Thomas, Product Manager

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  • Markus Bärtschi

    From the first day onwards everyone takes responsibility in his or her function.

    Markus Bärtschi, Marketing Director

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  • Liane Hermann

    We were once again able to get our customers enthusiastic about our product in a new way.

    Liane Hermann, Product Manager

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As new member of our marketing team you are secured diverse benefits! This example includes various services for reconciling family and profession, models for financial provisions and sports offers on the campus.


Flexible working models

  • Flexible working hours
  • Option for mobile working
  • Long-term account


  • Allowance for fitness studio
  • Sports courses on the campus e.g. Zumba or Crossfit
  • Comprehensive health and preventive medical checkups

Family & Profession

  • Day-care centre, kindergarten
  • Vacation care for children
  • Babysitter hotline
  • Intermediation with care topics (also Elder Care)

Financial provisions

  • Company pension scheme
  • Chemical industry pension fund
  • Roche participatory bonds

Risk protection

  • Accident insurance
  • Continued payment of salary in the event of illness
  • Continued payment of salary in the event of death
  • Survivors' pension

Personal developement

  • Marketing Excellence Curriculum
  • Annual marketing conference
  • Continuous development meetings

Grenzach – a region to feel comfortable

Charmingly situated in the border triangle between Germany, Switzerland and France, Grenzach-Wyhlen is an attractive starting point for diverse undertakings. Directly located on Basel's doorstep, bordering the southern Black Forest and the Vosges mountain range, Grenzach and the surrounding countryside offers you a natural paradise with diverse sports, leisure and recreation possibilities.

  • At last I have the opportunity to engage in sports outside and to thereby enjoy nature. If I feel like some culture I simply get on the subway to Basel.
    Elaine Julian
    Elaine Julian Senior product manager
  • The distances in Grenzach are short: whether into the town, nature, to the company own day-care centre or to the airport.
    Elmar Dolezal
    Elmar Dolezal Product Manager
  • The Rhine swimming in Basel is an absolute highlight every year. Here I always acquire a completely different perspective for the city.
    Margit Miesbauer
    Margit Miesbauer Head of marketing
  • Grenzach is of course not the centre of the universe. But the airport is directly around the corner.
    Jan Daniels-Trautner
    Jan Daniels-Trautner Portfolio Lead AVM Market Access
  • The quality-of-life in the region of the border triangle is simply very, very high - whether in relation to the infrastructure or the local cuisine.
    André Grandt
    André Grandt Digital Innovations Manager

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