Market Access at Roche Pharma AG


For new medicinal drugs the “Arzneimittelmarktneuordnungsgesetz” (AMNOG, Medicinal Drugs Market Reorganisation Act) requires the substantiation of an additional benefit compared to already approved preparations. Thereby several questions are to be answered: How are patients currently treated? How high is the therapeutic requirement for new medicinal drugs? Does the new medicinal product have a superior effect compared to the old one? Which patients benefit from a treatment? Subsequent to this benefit assessment and on the basis of it a reimbursement amount is negotiated with the central association of the statutory health insurance providers and the question is clarified: How much may the medicinal drug cost?

Our vision is to be a mutual part of the solution: we are passionately searching for ways to optimise and communicate the additional benefit of our innovations and to sustainably shape the health-care system. For patients we secure the access to our products, and for Roche the reimbursement at an appropriate price to be able to develop future innovations. We are creative, result-oriented, networked and enjoy the work.

Communicating the access to our innovative therapies for a sustainable price that reflects their clinical benefit is not only prerequisite for our economic success but also indispensable foundation of our ambition: Doing now what patients need next.
David Traub, Head of Market Access

As Market Access experts it is your task to find strategies, arguments and positions to answer these questions for our wide product portfolio – from the planning of clinical studies and data surveys, through the preparation of dossiers as foundation for the benefit assessment, up to price negotiation. With university studies in natural sciences, medicine, health economy or also economic sciences and experience in the health market you are well prepared for our four teams Pipeline Product Strategy & Launch Readiness, Health Technology Assessment & Value Strategy, Strategic Pricing & Reimbursement und Payer Strategy​. Your activities already begin three to four years before market introduction and also extend beyond the ending of the patent. In an interdisciplinary team you contribute towards optimising and communicating our innovations.

There are many questions with the market access for new medicinal drugs. We find answers – together with you. Make a difference!