Quality pays – naturally for patients, but also for the overall quality of the healthcare system. Roche is continuously working on the production of safe, effective and high-quality products and services which are in harmony with valid regulations.

At Grenzach-Wyhlen, quality assurance plays a particularly significant role: regulating central elements of technical quality assurance for all of Europe comprises the quality assurance and approval of all medicinal products and clinical trial compounds.

My department is responsible for approving clinical trial compounds for Europe. The medications we check have not yet been approved for general use. They are used in clinical studies which serve to check–one more time–if they exhibit the desired efficacy and safety for patients.
Bettina Z.-G.

At all Roche sites, we adhere to strict quality standards at every organisational level, including, for example, plant technology or occupational or site safety. It is not only all our employees who are committed to adhering to and working toward attaining our quality goals, our quality systems are also checked regularly and optimized.

Penzberg is the location of Foundation Medicine, a strategic partner for Roche that strengthens both organisations` leadership position in delivering molecular information solutions globally and advancing precision medicine in oncology.

For job opportunities at FMI in Penzberg please visit this page.

Local quality teams in the respective business units, regional persons-in-charge as well as special global functions ensure that this takes place. Their tasks include:

  • Upkeep and further development of quality management systems,
  • Development of new quality strategies,
  • Performing internal audits.

Direct contact to health authorities is also of great importance here.

If you want to do your part to help us maintain our quality standards, apply at Roche – and make your mark!

You could say that my department and I accompany the birth of a new medicinal product – it is very exciting to experience these new treatment methods up close.
Bettina Z.-G.