The multi-faceted Roche portfolio includes biotechnologically-based medicinal products created with maximum precision and in accordance with uncompromising quality standards. At Roche, this is exactly what the “made in Germany” seal stands for–it makes Germany an important and reliable production site.

Every day, patients and doctors around the world place their trust in our reliable pharmaceutical and diagnostics products which are produced (and in part packaged) under the highest quality standards in Mannheim and in our biotechnology centre in Penzberg.

This site manufactures enzyme immunoassays as well as research reagents and industry products. Our production processes – including fermentation and downstream processing – demand the strictest adherence to requirements and specifications of applicable national and international health authorities.

I completed my apprenticeship as a biological technical assistant and am now in the process of further education to become a biotechnician. My tasks in the production of therapeutic ingredients are multi-faceted and present me with new challenges every day. Work is not routine because the projects always change.
Agathe L.

The innovative “made in Mannheim” Accu-Chek Mobile blood glucose monitoring system is particularly well-known:  it is the first blood glucose monitoring system worldwide that does not require individual test strips, making it particularly easy to use in everyday life. Products of significant medical importance in the pharmaceutical sector include the biomarker tests for personalised medicine or the monoclonal antibody trastuzumab to treat breast cancer.

The Grenzach-Wyhlen site regulates central elements of technical quality assurance and approval for all of Europe.

If your work ethic is shaped by precision, safety and compliance, apply at Roche – and make your mark!

I find it very exciting to follow a new antibody from its development all the way to production and know that I have participated in making this important medication.
Agathe L.