Facilities technology & Maintenance

Facilities technology is responsible for monitoring and ensuring the functionality of technical systems in production, packaging, development and in laboratory systems; it also improves production steps and adjusts the required machines and systems. In addition, facility technology is responsible for commissioning, servicing and maintenance of machines and systems.

Your Task Fields

  • Creating concept and feasibility studies
  • Planning, procurement tasks, monitoring assembly, commissioning and qualifying individual systems or machines in the production area
  • Optimising and improving production systems or processes while taking into account technical, economic and regulatory aspects (fault-, availability-, and cost analyses, energy monitoring)
  • Recognising and quantifying maintenance requirements (e.g. objects, system conditions, fault cycles, technologies, and efforts relevant to maintenance)
  • Planning maintenance work (prioritising, budgeting, capacities, deadlines)
  • Preparation for maintenance work (offers, procurement, reservations)
  • Performing and documenting the maintenance work.

Know-how extends across the following areas:  Process/mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical & biotechnology, electrical engineering as well as building services.

Tags: Germany, Engineering