Roche Benefits

People are different and have a variety of needs. Roche Diagnostics and Roche Diabetes Care in Germany wants to create an atmosphere to enable its employees to develop their full potential. Therefore the organization offers its employees comprehensive benefits and programs in the fields of career development, compensation and reconciliation of family and working life.


Employee Development

Your Success is also our Success

For Roche, personal and career development of all employees – from apprentices to top managers – is of the utmost importance.

To pursue new paths, we depend on motivated, talented and the most highly-qualified employees. We value people who focus on the goals ahead of them, who are open to life-long learning and learning new things, who participate willingly in innovation and who are prepared to take controlled risks. People like you.

Our principle is "Life-long Learning: Qualification for the Future" and it applies to every occupational field and each entry level in four main areas:

  • Employee development,
  • Executive development,
  • Coaching, team development and change management,
  • Talent management & start-up programmes.

Your Personal Progress

Are you inquisitive and always interested in learning and discovering new things? Then profit from the many opportunities arising in our innovative and expanding environment. Roche offers great prospects for every level of qualification. We strongly believe in the potential our employees have and want to develop and encourage this potential.

"Roche offers an incredibly wide spectrum of opportunities for training and continuing education. I can take on responsibility early on and continue in developing my goals and capabilities."
Anton H.

Whether employee development programmes, team development processes or tailor-made assistance with the help of professional development and competency consultation – we provide individualised support using:

  • In-service training measures,
  • Career- and area-specific additional qualifications (training/education),
  • Cooperation with external consultants,
  • Structured qualification planning.

We place great value on highly-diversified and inspiring performance and leadership cultures in which every employee is encouraged to express and enrich the work processes with his/her professional inquisitiveness, unconventional methods and ideas.

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