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Roche, the largest biotech company, is a pioneer in healthcare and a frontrunner in personalised healthcare. Roche is the global leader in cancer treatments and the leading provider of in vitro diagnostics. Moreover, Roche invests in innovation, offers an extraordinary workplace and acts in a sustainable way.

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Mannheim - The High Tech Campus

In Mannheim Roche develops innovative products and solutions for people with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Our employees work tirelessly to further develop our coagulation and blood glucose testing systems in order to optimize the reliability of test results and to further simplify use in daily life.

The site also enjoys a leading position within the Roche Group with respect to therapeutic products. Mannheim is one of three centers of excellence for parenteral drugs in the Roche Group. These are medications that are administered via injection or infusion. In addition, important products for in vitro diagnostics are produced in Mannheim. These include liquid reagents, test strips for point-of-care diagnostics, blood glucose monitoring systems, and test strips.

The Roche Diagnostics global logistics center is located in Mannheim. Products are delivered from the center to 170 countries every day. The competence center for insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring as well as Roche mtm laboratories AG, the manufacturer of innovative tests for the early detection of cervical cancer, and Roche Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH, the Roche company in Germany for diagnostic and diabetes products, are also located in Mannheim. With research, development, production, logistics, and distribution, the Mannheim site plays a part in the entire value added chain and helps Roche products to reach patients all over the world.


Site Management

At the moment Roche is investing the overall amount of 170 Mio. Euro into pharma production in Mannheim and around 35 Mio. Euro into a new customer training center. However, these are only two examples which demonstrate the dynamic of the Mannheim site. Our long term site development concept, the Site Masterplan, sets the framework for the development of the site for the next 30 years. How the Mannheim site will change, where new buildings can be found and what can already be said about the changes today.

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