Master of Science Biotechnology


  • Enrolled at the Management Center Innsbruck

Length of Education/Training:

3 Semesters

Your tasks:

As a master’s student in Biotechnology, you will find a wide spectrum of tasks in the research, development and production units at Roche Diagnostics GmbH in Penzberg.

The main focus is the fermentation of animal cells and microorganisms; cell separation and renaturalisation of inactive proteins; purification of antibodies and proteins using chromatography and ultrafiltration for therapeutic uses. You test new technologies for the production scale and optimise processes for biotechnological fermentation procedures in terms of process engineering, production engineering, separation technology and automation.

The international frame of this working environment dictates the need for very good English skills.

Course of Education/Training:

Subsequent education/training as part of the master’s degree in biotechnology rotates between classes taken at Management Center Innsbruck and internships at Roche during the non-lecture period. The internships prepare you for the career-related fields of activity of a Master of Science in the specialisation of Biotechnology/Bioengineering in the pharmaceutical industry.

Roche Benefits for University Students:

  • Study contract with monthly salary,
  • Roche looks into the possibility of being taken on as a permanent employee upon completion of studies.

Opportunities for Further Education:

  • Doctoral degree