Biology Lab Technician



Intermediate secondary education or higher level

Length of Education/Training:

3–3,5 years


  • Performing microbiological examination of bacteria,
  • Working with cell cultures,
  • Using biochemical, immunological and molecular-biological procedures to develop new diagnostics and therapeutics,
  • Performing biotechnological work,
  • Taking care of and dealing with laboratory animals in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act,
  • Performing animal testing to gauge efficacy of medicinal products,
  • Documenting and evaluating test procedures and results using computer programmes

Content of the Apprenticeship:

The basic training lasts several weeks in the training laboratory where you correctly learn how to use the most important laboratory equipment. You perform first chemical and biological examinsations. In addition, we teach you laboratory methods and theoretical fundamentals. You also learn the provisions of the Animal Welfare Act which you already put into practice.

Rotating placements allow you to increase your knowledge and abilities in different research, development and production laboratories and get to know these areas of the company. In-house courses in chemistry and technical calculation as well as lessons about the respective internships round out the apprenticeship.

Over the course of the entire apprenticeship, you participate in the following internships in the training laboratory:

  • Microbiology.
  • Cell culture,
  • Fermentation,
  • Pharmacology,
  • Biochemistry/Immunology,
  • Molecular Biology,
  • Haematology/Diagnostics,
  • Physical and Analytical Methods,
  • Instrumental Analytics/Chromatography.

Additional Training Elements:

  • Laboratory data processing,
  • Technical English,
  • Communication and presentation techniques,
  • Measures in team and personality development,
  • Working with computer systems,
  • Quality management,
  • Project work.

Opportunities for Further Education:

  • Mastercraftsperson in Pharmacy or Chemistry,
  • Chemical Technician or Biotechnician,
  • Laboratory Technician in Biotechnology
  • Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology,
  • Diverse possibilities for (technical) university studies (for those with A-levels or technical university entrance qualification),
  • Numerous possibilities for further education/training within the company.