No matter whether you come to Roche from a different part of the world, or if you are only crossing the Rhine river – the journey will definitely be worth it.

Wangui M., Management Start Up Trainee

"I am from Kenya, and moved to Germany almost a decade ago. I joined Roche in 2015 as a Management Start-Up Associate in Engineering.

The company culture at Roche makes it easy for a newcomer to quickly integrate into the family, with many of the colleagues always ready to help out when I get stuck or need help.

With Roche being at the heart of the tri-state area, the diversity of dialects can be a challenge. It however provides fodder for lots of jokes.

Before joining Roche it was hard to image what responsibilities an Engineer would have, but the innovative ideas and creative solutions we come up with, makes it quite interesting for an Engineer to work here.

If I had to redo anything, I would still come to Roche. Roche definitely lives up to its "Best Employer" title.

Whether you're moving from across the world or from across the Rhine to join Roche, the move is definitely worth it.”