To sum up, working for Roche in Mannheim is an adventure - including all the exciting new activities I will be facing in future

Lies B., Application Specialist Serum Work Area, Mannheim

Lies B.

“Originally I come from Belgium, but I have been living and working in Germany already for three years now. Considering that learning the local language is one of the key success factors for integrating in a foreign country, I was very motivated to learn German. Therefore I took German language courses and watched German television. Since November 2016, I work for Roche in Mannheim as an Application Specialist in the Regional Customer Support Center. My Dutch-speaking colleagues and I provide first level support for application problems on e.g. the cobas 6000 in order to find solutions for our customers from Belgium and the Netherlands as well as for the local colleagues on site. 

I like living and working in Mannheim. Of course it takes some time to establish a new circle of friends, but luckily I have very nice colleagues from all over the world, who help me with all my questions. The German and Belgian cultures are quite similar to each other. There are only some minor differences in e.g. food and the organization and structure of processes. Fact is, Germans are well-organized, structured and keep records. That is probably why they have such efficient processes. At first, it took me some time to organize my life in Germany and find all relevant contact persons and offices for registration. In addition, Roche is a large international company and has therefore a rather complex organizational structure. This is very confusing in the beginning, but with very good trainings on the job and the support of my colleagues, I already gained a good overview and insight into the different processes and structures at Roche. What I learned so far from living in Germany is that I have to make plans with my Germans friends in advance – spontaneous ideas do not always work! Moreover, learning German helped me to organize my life here and I also received a lot of appreciation from my colleagues and friends.”

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