All in all, working for Roche in Germany is fantastic and a great opportunity for me!

Yang G., Technical Specialist for Life Science Instruments, Mannheim

Yang G., Technical Specialist for Life Science Instruments, Mannheim standing with a Roche Diagnostics instrument

“I was born in Beijing, China, and moved to the Netherlands when I was ten years old. So I have quite a multicultural background, which can be also found in the diverse culture of Roche. Because of the excellent reputation of Roche in the Diagnostics field and the insufficient variety of companies in this field in the Netherlands, I become aware of Roche in Germany. In 2015, I moved to Germany to start my job at Roche in Mannheim. As a Technical Specialist I am responsible for the technical customer service for Life Science Instruments in the EMEA region, especially for customers in Belgium and the Netherlands. Living and working in Mannheim is great! The region around Mannheim has really nice wine yards and mountains, which can rarely be found in the flat landscape of the Netherlands. Germany and the Netherlands are quite similar in their culture and working life. The only little difference in business life compared to the Netherlands is the hierarchy and structure in business processes. In Germany, all processes and workflows are structured in workflows and organized by specific people in the company’s organization. At first you’ll need some time to gain an overview about all workflows and persons responsible. But in the end it is really helpful and makes life easier. After two and half a year at Roche, I can say that I developed a lot in this job through trainings and the support of my national and international colleagues.”