Leadership Development

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Development Programs

Leadership is an art that brings with it great responsibility for our employees and is influential to our company's success. In order for a healthy, sustainable company and performance culture to flourish, our strong conviction is that every employee at Roche deserves an excellent manager.

We support our managers on this challenging path and in their personal development with the help of:

  • Management training,
  • Consultancy of managers on individual topics (e.g. coaching),
  • Guidance for future managers,
  • Training for project heads,
  • Consultancy on the topics of succession and talent management,
  • Consultancy on specific development programmes.

People who are enticed by the prospect of exciting – and of course responsible and challenging – tasks in leading employees and managers with fun, courage, integrity and passion; people who are interested in expanding their abilities and competencies in this area are exactly the kind of leaders Roche is looking to develop – Roche is the perfect place!