Direct Entry

Taking on Responsibility Right from the Start: Direct Entry at Roche

Professionally, it is difficult to hold a candle to you–you have already proven this during your studies. And now you are looking to take your further development into your own hands and work in a motivating environment which allows you to flourish? For you, this could involve taking over responsibility within your team, allowing your talents to flourish or working on further developing exciting projects?

We help you right from the start to design your personal and professional future. Roche stands for a performance culture where you have the freedom to try out new methods and contribute your individual talents and abilities. We value the effort you put in and offer you the chance to grow into increasingly more challenging tasks.

Give some thought to a direct entry job at Roche. You have completed college/university with above-average grades in one of the following specialisations:

  • Economics
  • Natural Sciences (Doctoral Degree)
  • (Business Administration and) Engineering
  • (Business) Information Systems

A good theoretical foundation is indeed good, but already during your studies you realised it was not enough: through the various internships you have completed, you have proven yourself when it comes to hands-on practice.

The experience you have gathered through either semesters abroad or international internships shows that you like to look at the big picture.

And to top it all off, if your excellent soft skills round out your professional qualities, Roche is the right place for you!