″We’re all superheroes here at Roche – if you were one, too, what would your superpower be? ″

This sentence did catch me off guard during my personal interview, but it was then ultimately one of the reasons why I absolutely wanted the job. After all, what is better than trying out new things and in doing so, helping people at the same time?

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I came to Roche a while ago for an internship in the HR department – out of the university and into the working life, at least for a few months. In fall, I said goodbye to my friends in a small Bavarian university town, packed my life into a few boxes and embarked on a new adventure full of enthusiasm and boundless energy. Because as the saying goes: ″Life is too short to get bored.″ and the fact that this is definitely not the case at Roche already became clear to me on my very first day. During the welcome event, not only did I get to know a lot of new people and received some interesting information. No, among other things, we also had the great opportunity to try out virtual reality glasses.

But what did I actually expect from my internship at the start? Probably the standard program – getting insights into a company, putting what I had learned at the university into practice and acquiring some additional experiences. But what I then got was a whole lot more! Namely, months filled with excitement, variety and responsibility.

As interns with Roche, we are not lonely wolves, but instead are well networked. We can also always ask our colleagues for advice. Supporting each other when formulating challenging e-mails, mastering challenges together, and hunting down the best coffee on the campus together? But of course! Actually as interns, we fortunately do not have to make it ourselves, but we can independently develop, plan and implement projects, bring in our own ideas and test ourselves in day-to-day working life.


Admittedly, there are more important things in life than good food – but let’s be honest, it will definitely not do us any harm either. So it is a good thing that our canteen, also called ″casino″ by the Roche employees, regularly spoils us with culinary delicacies. My personal highlight? The waffle and crêpe booth that shows up at regular intervals! There is no better remedy against challenging tasks than a hot waffle with tons of powdered sugar and melted chocolate. Oh my!

Besides that, the Roche site also has a lot to offer; after all, no one here should be able to say that we, interns, would only come to Roche because of the food! Whoever still wants to burn off some energy after work can do so in one of the company sports groups in the evening. Anyone who prefers to sweat alone, in contrast, is in good hands in the own campus fitness studio. What’s more, the site has freely available bicycles, a printing shop in case, for example, homework is soon due once again, and diverse food trucks, too. Okay, with which thanks to the latter, we’d already be back to the topic of food – but no matter!

When the question was asked about superpowers, I answered with ″telekinesis″ at that time. Although I still am not able to move objects with the power of thought alone, I do by now still feel a little bit like a superhero. Because no matter whether we develop new medicines ourselves, drive medical innovations forward, stay in contact with customers, or work behind the scenes – we are all contributing towards helping people and making their lives better. And in an internship, that is without any doubt an extremely good thing!

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