Technology Dinner at Roche in Mannheim: “A successful evening, which definitely calls for a repeat!”

Virtual labs, fascinating talks, networking and also a good meal? These and other impressions were gathered by engineers at our Technology Dinner on the High Tech Campus in Mannheim.

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The Technology Dinner is conducted by VDI (Association of German Engineers) several times a year for its cooperation partners with the goal of bringing Young Professionals into contact with managers and employees and introducing them to different career paths, activities and day-to-day work as well as the technology utilized within the company. On 05-Oct-2017, the Technology Dinner was held at Roche in Mannheim.

Discover Roche in Virtual Reality 3D

After a warm greeting by the young professional engineers, the evening started with an exciting tour through the showroom of the Virtual Reality Lab at the high-tech Mannheim site. Here, the guests had the rare opportunity to dive into the world of 3D and virtual reality thanks to the most modern virtual reality technology. The courageous and adventurous were even able to explore the automated labs of Roche with VR glasses.

TechLab for the Tinkerers and Information for the Inquisitive

After this excursion into artificially created dimensions, we got our feet back onto solid ground and a visit to the TechLab for machine development was the next stop on the program. There, the respective department head explained the individual stations and processes, which are required and traversed for the development and production of specific machines.

Following the various impressions and practical experiences, there was a fascinating presentation by the Head of Site Management, Martin Haag; striking career paths and exciting insights into the day-to-day work of Site Management Mannheim included his explanations. Above all, Martin Haag pointed out the multifaceted and diverse tasks and application areas of Engineers at Roche, which some of the participants at a high-tech healthcare company may not have expected at a first glance. Roche is convinced that the motor for high-tech at the highest level is found when a networked system of highly-qualified employees meets an open work culture, which appreciates and institutionalizes diversity and interdisciplinary exchange. Such an environment forms the foundation, which attracts high-tech cracks and the coming generations. With this understanding, Roche in Mannheim lives a real can-do mentality.

Dinner-Hopping from Course to Course

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With hungry stomachs and a thirst for the exchange of knowledge, the group looked forward to an additional highlight of the evening: the dinner-hopping! During this, the participants and Roche department representatives from the areas of Development, Production, Technology and Sales could talk to each other over dinner, by changing their conversation partners for every course and thus there was the opportunity to make interesting contacts.

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