Finally here it is, the long-awaited holiday season - especially for the little ones.

For parents, however, this means optimal organization and perfect time management to reconcile family life and work. You can quickly reach your limits when it comes to offering the children an optimal activity progam. The Roche Vacation Programme is designed to support Roche employees in this process. It offers children between the ages of six and twelve a wide range of entertainment options. For example, parents can choose whether their child goes on a "research vacation", attends the "sports camp" or wants to participate in the "autumn vacation program". Another benefit is the joint lunch for the employees at the Penzberg site. Here, children of school age who are not looked after during the holidays are given a warm lunch, thus facilitating the reconciliation of professional and private life.

But also during non-vacation time unforeseeable events can also quickly disrupt everyday working life.

For example, the kindergarten or daycare center may sometimes go on strike. The Mannheim and Penzberg locations have also found a solution for this. The "parent-child office" has been in place since 2015. It offers Roche employees a quick and flexible solution in the event of a childcare shortage. This allows parents to make important appointments and at the same time they can be sure that their children are in good hands. It also offers the opportunity to network with colleagues and other family members working at Roche, to share care and, for example, to take part in meetings.

At some Roche sites in Germany, such as Grenzach-Whylen and Penzberg, the daycare center is already an integral part of the Roche benefit package. The daycare center in Penzberg was recently expanded into a kindergarten.

Roche is always working to make it easier for its employees to strike the right balance between private life and career.

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