Product management also means designing degrees of freedom

Christian Polaschegg
To feel the trust in my abilities makes me enthusiastic day by day.
Christian Polaschegg, Product Manager Roche Pharma AG Grenzach

A short time ago you changed your job within the product management - how did this come about?

As "Marketeer“ at Roche I was initially working for a product that was already established in the market. I was thereby able to learn a lot and prove myself. Through the successful marketing over the last two years the opportunity arose for me to change the position and to now be a part of the market introduction of a new product.

What is the most interesting thing for you in your new position?

The product that I had previously been looking after was in the late phase of the life-cycle. Now I have the possibility of being there from the beginning and to do something completely new. It is unbelievably exciting and very instructional!

Naturally the introduction of a new product does not take place without a guideline. I can build on global specifications and adapt these to the German market. To do this I must understand the product and the market and know how the doctors think about it. This understanding is the basis for the development of the strategic orientation. In the final instance I also decide which materials we use for communication and what these are to look like.

I of course do not work alone but am in a lively exchange with my marketing colleagues. Here a lot of understanding and competence converges. We discuss intensively about projects and strategies and have a lively exchange of experience. I benefit greatly from this.

If you think back - was there a moment when you especially grew personally/professionally?

Yes, there was such a moment. For the product that I was previously working for there was a marketing authorisation extension. Then the planning changed at short notice and the preparation time decreased from 6 to roughly 2.5 months. That was a moment when I thought: This will be an athletic challenge. But I thereby of course learnt to clearly prioritise: what is really important? What does it depend on? What can be dispensed with? In the final instance the project was really great fun - and apart from this also super successful.

Does further development then only take place "on the job“? 

We have a very good working atmosphere and a constructive cooperation here in Grenzach, so we also learn a lot from each other during every day work. Having to use the phone is not an obstacle and it is possible to ask a colleague for advice at any time. But there are also various interesting courses within the scope of the Marketing Excellence Curriculum and the annually conducted marketing conference where intensive work is undertaken regarding certain questions. There are many opportunities for further development.

We also have an event series which explicitly involves projects that did not work. Marketing lives from innovation and creativity. So one also needs to try out things where one does not necessarily know whether they will have the desired effect. So if something does not work out we learn from the mistakes - not only personally, but as organisation.

What distinguishes Roche for you as employer?

I have many degrees of freedom and it is not specified in detail how I should do something. My superiors give me responsibility for the most diverse projects and allow me to do my job. What I really enjoy is feeling this trust and also being able to give something back.

As new member of our marketing team you are secured diverse benefits! This example includes various services for reconciling family and profession, models for financial provisions and sports offers on the campus.

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