Occupations you would not have expected to see at Roche!

Software developer, master brewer, and cellist. Would you immediately have thought of Roche when hearing the names of these occupations? No? Then you will find out something interesting. Five employees report on the exciting and unusual occupations in which they work at Roche, and on what makes these so unique.

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Music has been Claudio Genuit's life. By studying the cello as an instrument in Heidelberg and Mannheim, he followed in his father's footsteps until he realized at some point that he did not give him fulfillment. He then decided to start studying musical theory and computer linguistics. His professor recommended him as a very good analytical mind, which brought Genuit, who had been working as a software developer, to Roche in Mannheim where he started out in Quality, optimizing databases. After a few other positions at different Roche sites – among them a stint as a project lead in Basel – he works as Group Head Business Support and Reporting today and is happy with his career path.

Dr. Susanne Jauß took a very different tack. Having studied biochemistry, with a doctorate on Alzheimer's and work as a postdoc in research, she swiftly climbed up the career ladder, finally landing at Roche where she started out as a Health Technology Assessment Manager. Today she is Epidemiology and Data Management team lead at Roche Pharma AG, supervising six employees at the Grenzach-Wyhlen site. Dr. Susanne Jauß describes her work as follows, "We are one of the few teams that work very scientifically, sometimes using very complex methods, but – contrary to conventional (natural) scientists – we still keep an eye on business relevance and the health policy environment. I think that is the highly unusual thing about our job." It is exactly the opportunity to work scientifically and in an organized manner while also being integrated in economic and health-policy decisions and discussions of the company in contact with many colleagues from different areas that makes her job so very exciting and varied.

In contrast, Sven Chilian, who works as a Project Consultant in the Global Consultancy Group at the Waiblingen site, has always been very interested in technology, medicine, and management topics, and he is happy that his current job has something to do with all of these areas. As an International Project Consultant, he supports the local project managers from the individual affiliates in the implementation of their projects at end clients; i.e., the clinical or private-industry laboratories. And it is not least the contact with colleagues around the globe that makes this job especially interesting to Sven Chilian. In addition, he also shares in the responsibility for establishing and advancing the development of the Workflow System Configurator – or WSC for short. This is a web-based tool individual clients can use to not just order Roche's pre-analytical system, but also configure them according to their individual needs.

madechen, girl, face, gesicht, wow, zoepfe, pigtails

Harald Schneider's job might be described as almost exotic, for it is not quite clear – at first glance – what his occupation might have to do with Roche. As a state-certified production manager for brewing and beverage technology, and a Master brewer and malter in addition, he is the Deputy User Lead and the Commissioning Lead in the Fermentation area. But what exactly does he do with these qualifications at Roche? Harald Schneider solves the mystery, "Fermentation at Roche is like a highly automated beer cellar at a brewery. Vessels and function are very similar to those of a brewery. They mostly have the same function, with the difference that we produce antibodies at Roche instead of beer. of course, the hygiene regulations in the pharmaceutical industry are much stricter than those in the food industry." So, he doesn't see his occupation as very exotic in this industry – quite the contrary. For many years, Roche has been happy to hire master brewers, brewers and technicians as they are not afraid of the large plants that are used, he said and added with a hearty laugh that Roche at the Penzberg site is very likely the company with the most master brewers in Bavaria.

the top of our presentation of the most unusual occupations at Roche is Silas Büchele, who works as a Virtual Reality System Specialist in Mannheim. But what does that actually mean? He first went through training as a computer specialist for system integration in order to find out about his strengths and interests. But when the last phase of his practical training led him to the Lab-Design Visualize and Virtual Reality department, he knew right away that he had found the right mix of hobby and job. Today, he is responsible for the systems on which the virtual reality applications are running, has to always keep them up-to-date, visits trade fairs, and coordinates projects. But what’s special for him at Roche is the fact that new lab units are planned using virtual reality. "First, the architects plan the layout, and then we transfer it to virtual reality," explains Silas Büchele. "I find it always extremely interesting to see what a 3D version of a lab looks like," he adds, starry-eyed.

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Whether it's donning VR glasses and immersing yourself in virtual worlds, finding your dream job through music, or working with colleagues from the various global country companies – all this is possible at Roche. All of these people have their individual history that highlights their uniqueness. Do you also get the feeling that you would like to start your career at Roche and find out a lot more about exciting occupations? If so, you can read more about your options on our Careers page and be special too!

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