Dr. Yin Cai is 32 years old, married and mother of two children. After her studies in molecular biology and her subsequent doctorate in biophysics/bioinformatics, she joined Roche Diagnostics Automation Solutions GmbH in Kornwestheim in 2016 and since then has headed the 10-person Sample ID & Quality Check team.

Can you explain to us what your team is doing exactly?

"We develop machine vision and measurement modules that are built into our medical devices. The modules check the patient samples every day for their identity, quantity and quality. Thus we contribute a large part to the timely and accurate diagnosis of our patients."

Why do you think Roche chose you as a manager immediately after your doctorate?

"In fact, I haven't thought about it yet. But if I remember correctly, perhaps my appearance was the reason Roche chose me."

Your appearance? How can we imagine that?

"I was very well prepared and was able to identify me with the portfolio and my potential role at Roche right from the start. This laid a foundation, because if you follow your passion, the participants in the conversation will also notice that. While the interview, I showed how I can apply my acquired know-how about various technologies directly to laboratory automation. The first ideas have been born.

I probably left a lasting impression - obviously a positive one."

Everyone is talking about "work-life balance" - how do you keep your balance between career and family?

"To really maintain a balance, discipline is the be-all and end-all. You have to organize yourself very well and set clear rules. For me, this means that I no longer accept appointments four days a week after 4 p.m., that holidays are really holidays and that this procedure is also supported and respected by my employer and my colleagues. In addition, Roche does not see the value of the hour, but the value of the work done. This combination is the key to a good balance between career and family."

What does good performance management mean to you?

"In my opinion it is particularly important that my employees can identify with their goals. As soon as you can identify yourself with your goals, the motivation and power comes all by itself. That means for me, we work together on the objectives for the next quarters. In addition, the goals must always be flexible and can be adapted to specific situations at any time. Conditions change often and, accordingly, the goals must be able to change too."

How do you as a manager deal with motivation gaps?

"In the case of acute "motivation gaps", I approach my employees immediately and plan a face to face independently of our regular appointments. Important: You are allowed to discard your ballast in these appointments - this is important for motivation. Then we go directly into the solution mode and I help my employees to sort their thoughts. Mostly they find the light behind the tunnel by themselves while our conversation. In the next step, we work together to find out in which topics I or our network can support.

My tip: Follow your passion, because it is the source of your motivation!

What do you appreciate the most about your employees?

"Their creativity! Each time I am thrilled by the new and creative solutions they present and the energy they put into their work. I'm really honored and proud to be a part of this team.”

Finally: How does a successful working day looks to you?

"A successful working day? In most cases, outstanding work results are always combined with "success". But that's no longer what's most important to me. When I see that one of my employees has developed and outgrown himself, then this day is at least as successful as when we have developed a new feature for our products.

At the end of the day you have to see the value in yourself and that's what counts - so every working day can be a successful working day."

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