Meet Tom Glasow, Engineer working as a field representative

Tom Glasow is an engineer working as a field representative – a conscious decision against a typical office job.

What is your professional title? 

I’m a field system administrator for laboratory devices.

What responsibilities do you have as a field system administrator? 

My main responsibilities as a field representative include maintenance and upkeep of laboratory devices, as well as installation of new devices. In order to do this, I visit our customers who work with Roche laboratory devices. This means that I’m in close contact with our customers on a day-to-day basis. 

Why did you choose field work? 

Being a field representative never gets boring. I face new challenges daily and solve our customers’ problems. Plus, I get to meet new people every day. I made a very conscious decision against a typical office job. I enjoy being in a new place and making new experiences every day. My service region has a radius of 150 kilometers, which usually allows for daytrips – meaning I can return home after a day’s work. That works perfectly for me.  

How did Roche catch your attention as a potential employer?

After my training in software technology, I decided to pursue a degree in medical technology. During my internet job search, I noticed Roche. Being an engineer, Roche has always been my first choice of employer.  

Why did you pursue a degree in medical technology?  

This course of studies is very multifaceted, covering elements that range from anatomy to electrical engineering. The diversity has always appealed to me. Completing this degree has enabled me to apply to a range of different jobs in various fields. It was important to me to learn about the medical field during my studies. In this line of work, we get to help people. 

What does team work look like for field representatives? 

We work in small teams of up to 15 employees that represent certain areas in Germany. I’m in close contact with these colleagues, and also with our back office employees. This exchange is important to all of us – especially when I’m faced with a problem I can’t solve on my own, the team is always there for support. We hold regularly scheduled team meetings in person where we can discuss upcoming projects and plan new installations. 

Would you say you have decision-making power?  

It is crucial that all laboratory devices are fully functional and up to date. This requires us to work in accordance with regulations. Any decisions that lie somewhere inside the realm of industry regulations are mine to take independently. 

“Work-life balance” is not just an empty word at Roche. I can plan my visits to our customers flexibly, and I can work partly from home.

What makes working at Roche special for you?  

What makes Roche special is that you feel cared for as an employee. “Work-life balance” is not just an empty word here. I can plan my visits to our customers flexibly, and I can work partly from home. 
Of course there are times when the work load is higher, but we always get time off to compensate for overtime. 

Does Roche offer you options for career advancement?

There are always possibilities for professional development at Roche. We have the opportunity to start as a field representative, take root in the company and gain experience. As an engineer, it’s always a possibility to switch to a back office position, for example in development or in project management. But there are countless other options, ranging from Roche Diagnostics to Pharma. I think that Roche is full of possibilities for employees. 

Which qualifications are required for a position as a field representative? 

Basic medical knowledge is certainly an advantage and can help understand the fundamentals of measurement technology. 

Applicants should be outspoken, communicative, and approachable. It also helps to be unafraid of new challenges or problems. There is no problem that can’t be solved. 

Describe Roche in three words? 

Innovative. Exciting. Diverse. 

You would like to learn more about what engineers do at Roche? Please visit the website fascination technology for more information.

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