Meet Tobias Huber, Technical Project Leader


What exactly is your job title? 

Technical Project Leader.  

What tasks do you have as Technical Project Leader at Roche?  

I’m the technical project lead for a team, consisting of five colleagues We’re usually working on one sub-project as part of a comprehensive main project. A project manager is responsible for the overall project; he or she manages all areas, keeps an overview and consolidates. 

As Technical Project Leader at Roche, I’m responsible for the technical part and deal with the prescribed requirements, the design of a product or part of a product, and the detailed implementation thereof.  

Was medical technology also part of your studies? 

I actually studied mechanical engineering at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart and ended up in medical technology more by chance. I completed my training in a company involved in high-performance ceramics. 

How did you become aware of Roche as an employer? 

I also came to Roche by chance! The company I worked for before Roche produced knee and hip joints.  During the practical phase of my studies I was able to spend time in several different departments. This enabled me to gain initial experience in the field of medical technology and I was soon fascinated. 

After successfully completing my studies I accumulated initial professional experience before joining Roche PVT in 2010 and having the opportunity to help build up the mechanical development department. 

What makes working for a healthcare company so exciting? 

I personally feel a great affinity for medical technology. I also have a keen interest in health topics outside work. I see my occupation as a chance to drive forward healthcare and medicine with the aid of technology, and to solve problems. 

What I really like about working for Roche is the sense of purpose it gives me. We offer people added value and make a valuable contribution to society on a daily basis. 

Has there been a project in the past that you found particularly fascinating? 

The company focused quite early on the development of new and innovative automated transport solutions for laboratories. One of the projects I’ve been involved in from the outset hasn’t been finalized yet. This project is essentially about finding a new transport solution for samples – unfortunately this is all I can tell you about it at the moment. So you’ll just have to wait and see!

How do you find the team spirit at Roche? 

For our day-to-day business, we have our small, manageable teams in which we work closely together in a solutions-oriented way and also support each other across teams and departments. 

For larger and more extensive projects, we also work across sites, together with teams from all over the world, for example from Switzerland or Spain – one of the many advantages of a globally operating company like Roche. 

So would you say that you have a lot of decision-making freedom? 

Yes, we are free to act very flexibly in our team and to decide things for ourselves.  Although we work in a big company, we can make a lot happen. This certainly takes courage, but the chances are there at Roche. 

What do you think of the developmental opportunities at Roche? 

The size of the company and its many different areas means there are always opportunities for further development. Roche enables its employees to acquire a host of new skills and receive training in all kinds of different specialist and technical areas. Generally speaking, there’s nothing to stop you switching departments either. 

How is the work-life balance practised at Roche? 

Work-life balance depends a bit on an individual’s situation. Naturally there are phases in everyone’s career, especially the development phase, when you work a great deal. We are currently busy with a project which is a high priority for the company. It’s in just such situations that it’s so important to unwind with your family, or by working out, once the working day is done.  

How do you personally strike the balance? 

By spending time with my family; no question.  I’m married and have a small daughter. 
I forget work pretty quickly when I get home at the end of the day and my daughter rushes into my arms to greet me.  That gives me a real boost.  I also work out at the gym and belong to a musical society. All in all, I can unwind really well in my spare time. 

How are new colleagues inducted into their everyday working life? 

Several years ago, we at Roche PVT introduced an “Onboarding Day” for all new colleagues. The event takes place once a month and gives new employees the opportunity to get to know the company, its philosophy and structures a little better right from the start.
New colleagues are inducted in the individual departments differently depending on the area. Time and again I see how often people are prepared to help one another. They always take the time to clarify unresolved issues – regardless of their position in the hierarchy.  

What does Roche mean to you in three words? 

Exciting, because the work and subject areas are exactly that. 
Successful, because the company has been just that for many years now.  
Challenging, because our mission is to remain at the cutting edge of technology - always - so that we can develop innovative, integrated automated solutions for our customers. 

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