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For an internship from Istanbul to Mannheim

Internships at Roche are offered worldwide through the portal of the student international organization AIESEC. Pelin Yesilova from Istanbul has also found an internship at Roche in Mannheim. It has always been her dream to do an internship in a European city and gain new experiences there.

My name is Pelin Yesilova, I come from Istanbul and I am a chemical engineer. I moved from Istanbul to Mannheim for an internship at Roche and I have been at Roche for four months. So far I have been able to gain a lot of new experience in the international customer service department.

Pelin's life in Mannheim



It is a great experience to work with so many nice and motivated people.

Our impact

I really enjoy working at Roche, I am always doing something different though my various tasks. In my department we write newsletters and organise training for customers and employees. I'm also responsible for the hotline plan for our representatives from around the world and make sure that communication between them works well and that everyone is always up to date. My team consists of members from all over the world, meaing that we communicate in English, which is great for me.

The place to Work

During my time in Mannheim I have had the opportunity to support and get to know other departments. I was able to work together with colleagues from branches in England and Switzerland and participate in projects to do with digitalisation. I am glad to have the opportunity to do my internship here.

Our culture

The Roche culture is very international. Everyone is open to colleagues from abroad and the atmosphere is friendly and respectful. Everyone is always considerate in meetings and English is spoken when I am present. I get a lot of support from my colleagues. Everyone is motivated and wants to make a difference. 

A great plus: The exchange with other AIESEC interns is greatly encouraged by Roche. Here in Mannheim I was able to make direct contact and network with interns from all over the world, such as Brazil and India. We have lunch together and meet on weekends for joint activities. That is a great enrichment for all of us as we are able to exchange our experiences and ideas and learn from each other.

Our workplace

Compared to Istanbul, Mannheim is rather small, however, it is definitely enough for me to live comfortably. The great thing about Mannheim is that you can get everywhere quickly because the city is not too big. When I was looking for an apartment I got support from AIESEC, which made my start here in Mannheim much easier and the move from Istanbul to Germany went smoothly.

When I first entered the Mannheim campus, it was like another world for me. The entire value chain is located here in just one place. This ensures that Roche products reach patients all over the world.

AIESEC and Roche

Since 2016, Roche and AIESEC have been working in partnership to offer young talents practical experience in the form of an internship. AIESEC assists the international interns with administrative tasks and provides social support. Interested? Find out more about AIESEC and what the global network has to offer. 

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