Muriel started with Roche Diabetes Care in 2013 and works in the Communications department today. Her motto: Do what you love!

In which field do you work and which study program did you complete for this qualification?

I work as Marketing Communications Manager in the main department ″Communication and Events″ for Roche Diabetes Care Deutschland GmbH. Initially, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in journalism (major) and sociology (minor) for this purpose, and completed a communication traineeship at Roche for around two years as a starting point with Roche.

What are your tasks as Marketing Communications Manager?

I’m in charge of product communication. That means that I make sure that our customers become aware of our products – either via press events, press releases, advertisements or editorial contributions. I am also responsible for our content marketing and social media channels such as our community or our Facebook site. Particularly exciting was our first Facebook live video in December last year. It was a totally new experience for us to present a product live, and respond to questions.

Is ″digitalization″ a hot topic in your department, too?

Yes, definitely. Roche Diabetes Care has set itself the objective of leveraging the great opportunities of digitalization. For this purpose, we offer modern therapy solutions which digitally connect the various products with each other. The most important thing for me while doing so: that despite digital progress and equipment, we don’t forget to put core focus on the patients.

You, yourself, have had type 1 diabetes for around 23 years. Does this have benefits for you in everyday working life?

Yes, I’m absolutely sure of this. I can communicate with journalists, physicians and other people who have diabetes at eye level. That’s why I especially enjoy events, too – be it a press conference, a congress or a patient event. That’s where I can explain our mission ″Jointly thinking ahead on diabetes″ in a discussion at a personal level and bring in my own experiences from everyday life with diabetes or with our products.

In addition, colleagues sometimes come up to and ask me for my personal opinion – that is fantastic!!! Of course, I also try to contribute own ideas that make living with diabetes easier. This gives me the feeling of strengthening the patients′ voices in the company.

What is work with Roche Diabetes Care for you?

Having fun doing the job and having fun at work in parallel – we’re a super awesome team in our department and beyond that, too. We stick together when things get stressful, we support everyone who needs help and we laugh a lot, which boosts motivation.

In addition, we get the freedom to try new things out in the current transformation. Instagram is one example. Up to now, we haven’t shown employees publicly at all; with Instagram, we have the opportunity to give a look behind the scenes of Roche Diabetes Care and show how modern, innovative and easy-going we are. This is interesting for both our customers as well as for (potential) employees because I still often hear that we’re perceived as a ″dusty″ pharmaceuticals company.

Do you have a motto?

Yes, my motto is ″Do what you love.″ Two years ago, my former boss gave me a poster with this slogan for my birthday, and the first thing that actually came to my mind was Eversense. Eversense XL is a CGM system that we’ve been selling and distributing in collaboration with Senseonics on the German market for around 1.5 years now. I’ve been using the system myself ever since then and am so convinced of the product that it interlinks my private life (with diabetes) and my career with each other. It is fun to share my experiences with the product – both externally as well as internally, and this extending beyond the own department at Roche, too.

What do you appreciate about Roche in general?

Besides the people and teams, very operational things are also on my list of what makes Roche an excellent employer for me. For example, this includes the possibility of also being able to gain insights into other departments outside of your own four walls, or to gather experience in working together in an interdisciplinary team. On top of that are things like mobile working, which gives you a lot of flexibility, a canteen with delicious food, a really beautiful park where you can take a stroll or also most recently, the ″Open Campus Events,″ which bring employees together after their working hours, too. I really enjoy working here a lot!

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