Meet Meike Treu, Process Engineer in the area of Automation


In which area of Roche do you work? 

At Roche, I work as a Process Engineer in the area of Automation Technology. 

What are the tasks of a Process Engineer at a healthcare company like Roche?

I’m a Process Engineer for the area of Visual System. Our team deals with image processing and is responsible for the camera systems within a product. The cameras can be found, for example, in the production systems and serve to assure the quality.

What course of studies did you complete for this qualification?

My studies actually had a different focus, since I studied Medical Informatics with a focus on image processing. The Medical Informatics course of studies pertains mainly to research. In our small team at Roche, we are responsible for the camera technology for the production systems.

How is it that you do not work in research?

At first glance, it might seem a little far-fetched that I’m working in Automation Technology after my studies. Just because I don’t work directly with medicine or patients, it doesn’t mean that I have fewer points of contact with these aspects. That would be too short-sighted, since we also work to make the lives of our patients easier in the long run. 

What qualifications should new colleagues have?

In the Automation unit, it is an advantage to have a technical degree.
Above all, you should be a good team player and open as well as enjoy working with other colleagues.

In the past, was there a project that you found particularly fascinating?

Yes, that is our current project. We are working with our team on image processing within the Plasma Separation Card (PSC). You are probably asking yourself what that is. The card fundamentally changes the way that plasma samples are taken and processed, and makes the reliable, quantitative testing of HIV patients in remote areas – even in areas with extreme heat and humidity – possible. In the production system of the PSC, several camera systems, which basically monitor the process of the entire life of the card, were installed. With the help of our systems, we monitor the production process and thus assure the quality of the cards.

Did you always know that you wanted to work for Roche one day?

Already during my studies, there were points of contact with the Roche in the form of project work. Although I was never directly involved, a positive image of the company remained in my memory.
Nevertheless, I was first employed at another large company after obtaining my degree and came subsequently to Roche. 

What makes Roche interesting for you as an employer?

Above all, the areas of responsibility and the opportunities for personal development at Roche. A lot of exciting projects are waiting for me here. That was also decisive for the change. Many Informatics Specialists are probably not aware that Roche can also be an attractive employer for them. Roche is a company that never stands still and develops continuously.

How do you find the hierarchies and team spirit at Roche?

We are a three-person team that works on image processing within a large team. The team spirit is really terrific and I have never before experienced it in this form. We also get along very well privately and meet outside of the company in our free time. My colleagues are very open and communicative. Everyone can contribute themselves and their own ideas. Our superiors are also always available for us. Our Team Lead sits directly across from us and always has an open ear.

Would you say that you have a lot of decision-making freedom?

We are subject to very strict guidelines and regulations, which are statutory. We have to adhere to these. But, of course, that is clear. The products, which are produced by us, go to patients and must, therefore, at least comply with the standard.

What is special about your job at Roche?

Above all the diversity. Every day a new task awaits me. We don’t create standard solutions and so there is always something new for us to work on and you never know what the next project will bring. Sometimes we also face difficult challenges, but that is also the exciting part of my job. For precisely this reason, I enjoy coming to work every day. The working environment is very nice and everyone is always in a good mood. Roche attaches a great deal of importance to ensuring that we feel good and provides the employees with many things. We have a lot of freedom and are not into forced into a rigid system.

What is Roche for you?

Innovative. A good employer. Challenging. 

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