Patient Partnership

At Roche, patients are at the centre of our work.

My name is Maira Trauzettel and I was working as a Manager in the department of Patient Partnership. Our department takes on the task to continuously and sustainably represent and impose our patient’s perspective on all relevant aspects of the product life cycle, as well as supporting patients and their relatives in helping to understand the disease and facilitate everyday life for everyone involved.


A cooperation based on partnership, which is characterised by empathy, trust and candour for the patients’ needs, offers our company the opportunity to provide support exactly where it is needed. Beyond that, staying in contact with patient organisations is an important procedure, which is especially helpful today because patients and their representatives are becoming more and more active. Following the slogan “power to the patients”, dialogue and co-creation are increasingly becoming key elements in the daily working process: patients have the willingness to be included in the conversation, as well as being part of the development and shaping of the process concerning the handling of their indication.


Our impact

Since I started this job I've experienced numerous encounters with people who experienced a stroke of fate and shared their stories with me. Those people taught me monumental lessons, one of them being the demonstration of how resilient a person actually can be. At Roche, I am able to improve the health and life of our patients. That’s my driving force every day.

What does my work look like in practice? We are jointly elaborating solutions with our patients and find out what helps them. For this we utilise workshops creatively or communicate with the patients personally at patient events. Since we are also active on Social Media, that’s where we receive instant feedback from the community about our activities and campaigns.


The place to Work

Since a Patient Partnership Manager isn’t responsible for one product only, but for a whole pathology, such as breast cancer, the ability to work cross-functionally within the company is of special importance for this position. We are working together with all teams inside Roche, on a corporate level, that are engaged in this specific field. In general Roche is characterised by a culture of cooperation. This culture is present in the entire value chain. Roche’s innovative spirit creates ample room for creative solutions and constant progress with the objective of accomplishing major modifications in healthcare provisions.

For us as employees this means that we are able to utilize our full potential and grow by working out challenging situations. There are diverse opportunities for the professional development of employees. I experienced the possibilities myself: starting with my position as Team Leader of Patient Partnership, I advanced to becoming the Executive of the department Disease. In this position I am responsible for the strategic conduction of the indication Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. My other responsibility is leading the associated product marketing team. In doing so I am able to advantageously providing valuable experiences I gained while working with patients and patient organisations. 

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