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An internship in HR Business - sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But what exactly is HR Business? And what does an internship in this area look like? Lisa Walther talks about her experiences as an intern in HR Business.

When I tell people I am doing an internship in HR Business I often see confusion in their faces. HR Business - what is that? What are your tasks? 

As an intern in HR Business you support the HR Business Partner in their daily business, in local and global HR projects and take over internal tasks.  
HR Business Partners are the strategic partners of the managers. They are their contact person for all HR topics, performance review, employee development, personnel planning, conflict management, organizational changes and ensure the strategic incorporation of HR issues in various business decisions.

To give you a clearer insight, I will take you on a day with me.

It is 7:30 am when I enter the office which I share with 2 other interns or how we call it – “the Praktikantenstadl”. After checking my e-mails it is time to prepare the room for one of twelve  “Infosessions on Check-Ins” - an employee event series informing about Check-Ins, which is the new dialog format between managers and employees. It was up to me to organize these Infosessions - from concept proposal, room booking and inviting employees to the preparation of info material. 

Back in the office, I do some research on strategic personal planning. My manager/supervisor asked me to draft a presentation on strategic personal planning, explaining what strategic personal planning is, which benefits it brings and to think about how strategic personal planning could be implemented in certain business units.

12:30 pm
Lunch time. Most days all HR interns have lunch together. Besides the formation of new friendships, the joint intern lunch has the advantage that you get insights into other HR areas e.g. Recruiting, Global Mobility or Learning and Organizational Development. 

After lunch, my supervisor and I meet the manager of one of the departments to discuss the mandatory content of job descriptions for this department. In course of the establishment of a scientific career leader, there shall be generic job description templates which only need to be slightly adopted to the individual employees. After the meeting I edit the job description templates as discussed and send it to the meeting attendees for a final check. After receiving their feedback, I can start to translate the templates to German in preparation for the discussion with the works council which will happen next week.  

One of the first insights of this internship was that the job of the HR Business Partner is very versatile and diverse. And so is the internship in HR Business. Every day is different and brings new tasks, questions or problems. I think this versatility enables not only lots of learning experiences but is furthermore one aspect which makes an internship in HR Business such an exciting time.

Looking at the clock I realize it is already 4 pm. So I switch off my computer, pack up, say goodbye and head home - excited for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be totally different again. 

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