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Meet Frederik Just

Frederik Just is 31 years old. He started his career at Roche in the Diagnostics Global Divisional Controlling department in Basel. There Frederik supported the Headquarter Controlling and as Finance Business Partner Personalised Healthcare (PHC). He has been Business Controller at Roche Diabetes Care Germany since August 2018.

Frederik, you're a controller... aren't those the colleagues who always look at costs and are a bit of "spoilsports"? What motivates you about your job? 

Part of the job, of course, is that we look at the costs. Much more exciting, however, is when we, as Finance Business Partners, prepare important decisions together with our internal customers, calculate business scenarios and provide advice. In addition, we are involved in many projects, including currently a cross-location NewWork project.

What does a good controller have to be able to do? 

In a complex working environment, it is very important for a controller to seek dialogue with his or her colleagues and to incorporate the financial perspective into business decisions. That's why sociability and social intelligence are far more important than you might think.

You originally started your career in the finance industry, then returned to university and finally ended up at Roche - first at the headquarters in Basel, then in Rotkreuz and now at Roche Diabetes Care in Mannheim. How did this happen? 

The experiences in the financial world were very important for me, as I was able to prove my analytical talent there. Over time, however, the feeling developed that I needed a concrete rather than an abstract product to motivate me. My start at Roche in Switzerland showed me that I was on the right track. I am one hundred percent enthusiastic about Roche's products and always look forward to learning new product and market knowledge. This joy in learning new things was the logical reason for moving from Switzerland, the headquarters, directly to the business of a sales unit in Mannheim.

Is there anything you would call "typical Roche"? 

"Typical Roche" for me is the very collegial cooperation and also the will and passion to make a lasting contribution to the patients.

If you had to describe in one sentence what Roche Diabetes Care Deutschland does, what would that sentence be? 

I'm immediately thinking of our mission "Jointly thinking ahead on diabetes", which describes our daily work very well: We focus on the patient and transform the market into the future with our therapy solutions by exploiting the opportunities offered by digitalisation and enabling integrated, personalised diabetes management.

You are interested in foreign cultures, speak several languages (including a little Norwegian): Why do you work in Mannheim? 

There were two important reasons for me to come to Mannheim. I had the opportunity directly after my global position to work closer to the market in Sales Germany. Knowing the local and global perspective is important for me because it motivates me to understand the interrelationships in Roche's working environment. The second reason was private. The move to Mannheim enabled me to start a small family together with my wife, who also works for Roche in Mannheim. Since I've been in Mannheim, I've learned to love the campus. I always admire the success stories that have their origins here and how the site is constantly evolving.

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