Leaning in @ Roche

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It's great to see how the women encourage each other to achieve their goals.

Over a year ago Sigurlin Atladottir and Laura Villafuerte launched the first Lean In Circle at Roche in Mannheim. The concept for this was created by Sheryl Sandberg and some time ago triggered a real "Lean In" movement. Here, women were encouraged to take their professional advancement into their own hands.  

It's "Lean In Circle" time again. To this end, six to eight women meet at regular intervals to exchange ideas on topics of interest to them and to work out concrete recommendations for action. The women form the groups, also called Circles, according to their respective areas of interest.

At the beginning, each group receives a coaching session from a Lean In Coach, such as Laura or Sigurlin. The coach provides the group participants with essential information on the topic of Lean In Circle and also supports them in selecting a group organizer. She is called the Lean In Lady, who then leads the group meetings and keeps an eye on the agenda.  After the first coaching and introduction session, the "Leaning In Ladies" regularly meet in their Circles. At the end of each session, each Lady determines a "One-Action" for herself, a task that she should perform before the next meeting. This increases the motivation to keep personal goals in focus and to work on them.  

The Lean In Circle lasts for six months with the option of extension. When the planned time is over, the group participants share their insights with the participants of the Circle. "This leads to every "Leaning In Lady" feeling a certain responsibility to implement their tasks", explains Laura.

Laura and Sigurlin welcome every new Circle and the growing interest in Lean In Circles at Roche. "It's great to see how the women encourage each other to achieve their goals," reports Sigurlin. "We would be delighted if more women signed up for Lean In Circles and seized the opportunity to exploit their hidden potential. Our goal is to reach a large base of women who share the same thoughts and realize their wishes together," says Laura.

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