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With these few words, Yvonne Kaiser describes her involvement in the leadership workshop, which Roche organized and ran in Mannheim once again this year. Twelve external talented individuals and up-and-coming Roche executives spent two days playing leadership roles. But what does it actually mean to be a leader? 

“Young people in particular, who apply to Roche as potential executives, often ask the question, is a leadership position right for me at all?”, says Tilman Rüsike, who has been the team leader in marketing for molecular diagnostics and sequencing at Roche Diagnostics in Mannheim for two years. His initial contact with Roche took place at a trainee program and the associated leadership workshop. However, this time, he was not a participant but took on the role of an observer. “I was delighted to be able to show what makes Roche special as a company and how leadership culture works at Roche. It was especially interesting for me to see how younger people deal with their assignments, which I was also able to implement in the course of the workshop.” In group discussions, role games and staff meetings the participants were observed by a total of ten experts there and were then given constructive feedback in a personal interview. 


Yvonne Kaiser studied business administration (M.Sc.) at Mainz University and has the following to say about the workshop. “Looking back at the two days of the workshop, I’m still impressed by the company, its culture and the people who work for Roche. Roche presented itself as an open, authentic and appreciative company, which works very professionally. As participants, we were provided with a special opportunity to get to know each other and experiment with leadership potential. I was able to acquire a lot of stimulus for my professional and personal development.” She describes the learning effect of the exercises as at a superior level. Plus, she says the workshop gave her an exceptional opportunity to get to know the staff and the work culture at Roche at a direct level of communication. “Personally, I’m very grateful to Roche for the constructive feedback, which gave me lots of energy and positive stimulus for shaping my future career,” she adds enthusiastically. For Pascal Weiss, HR business partner and senior recruiter at Roche Diagnostics in Mannheim, the event was an amazing opportunity to present Roche’s leadership principles, to discuss them with young professionals and to get to know each other. Tilman Rüsike also stated clearly at the end, “My motivation to take part in the workshop was to sharpen the image of leadership after these two intensive days and ultimately to see which participants would have the talent for an executive role and who the up-and-coming executives are at Roche.”

With this very positive feedback, two instructive and impressive days come to an end and Roche is already looking forward to the next workshop with young, motivated and budding executives.  

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