Innovative marketing also means rethinking what is tried and tested

We were once again able to get our customers enthusiastic about our product in a new way.
Liane Hermann, Product Manager Roche Pharma AG Grenzach

Last year you received the Roche Marketing Award for a project. What does one need to do for it?

The special thing about the project was that we had used a customer insight to once again completely rethink our entire strategy and thereby had given an actually well proven product a completely new coat of paint. We were once again able to get our customers enthusiastic about our product in a new way. For this rethinking, respectively the successful implementation and the thereby resulting customer satisfaction was in the final instant the reason why I received the Roche Marketing Award.

What are the success factors for an award-winning project?

The Alpha and the Omega is most definitely the cooperation. Many different personalities are needed who bring their strengths and thereby lead a project to success. Leading a project, which later even wins an award inversely of course also means investing a lot of work that goes into it. Apart from creative ideas one also needs a large amount of persistence to master all the challenges and to constantly re-motivate oneself. When this work is then correspondingly appreciated, then this is an absolute reason for being very happy and celebrating.

How do you in marketing manage to keep your fingers on the pulse of the times?

To undertake innovative marketing it is important to be in constant exchange, to send out one's feelers and to always have an open ear for new inspirations. With us "Out-of-the-Box“ thinking is not simply a catchword. We live and breathe this.

From where do you get your impulses?

I very often get my inspiration from my colleagues; What are they occupied with at the moment, how do they address customer needs and what do they learn thereby? These are exactly the things that we discuss during our regular events such as e.g. the Marketing-Lunchclub, where we get together in a relaxed atmosphere several times a year and engage in exchanges about projects and gained understanding, so as to really dig deeper with certain topics. But in this framework we often also acquire input from other sectors, e.g. through external speakers and then see how we can apply what was learnt in our everyday working life.

What does creativity mean in your job?

One sees the same thing, but thinks something different: The individual team members at Roche often have a very different background and this is then also reflected in their way of thinking. This makes the everyday life very varied and it brings a lot of pleasure watching the colleagues while they're working and working together with them. One can learn a lot from each other. This is inspiring, motivating and is simply enjoyable.

What are the highlights with you in Marketing?

Apart from winning the Roche Marketing Award the actual highlight for all product managers is the annually conducted marketing conference. Here all product managers from the company Roche meet and engage in exchanges on certain topics, share inspirations and gained understanding. Usually every conference has a certain topic, which we then address so as to always remain up-to-date and to engage in modern marketing.

How do you personally reward yourself for such a great success as with the Roche Marketing Award?

I am a passionate skier! 3000 metres high, sun and snow, nothing else. That is my dream. This relaxes me and also replenishes may motivation again to do what it takes. Then after this I can directly jump back into the work.

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