How informatics can save lives

You don't need to be a doctor or chemist to help develop new medicines. Here's how Linda uses her IT skills to make a difference.

Our impact

I automate statistical analyses to help accelerate the drug development process.

The place to Work

My name is Linda and I come from Germany. While completing my master's degree in medical computer science at the University of Mannheim, I had the opportunity to write my thesis at Roche Diagnostics. Here I could already gather first experiences in handling real data from the environment of medical developments.

I'm currently part of the Start IT programme at Roche. In my position as junior data scientist, I can enhance my skills and will be supported and prepared with special trainings for a future position.

Within the Start IT programme, I have the opportunity to work on topics concerning the local site IT as well as to contribute my skills to an international use case on digital transformation. This use case currently covers three sites, including Penzberg, Basel and South San Francisco. It is exciting to work on such an interface. Every day I have the opportunity to acquire new skills and apply what I have already learned. The communication between the different sites is also a big challenge.

I spend most of my time programming in R. Together with my colleagues we develop prototypes that automate the process of generating statistical evaluations. 

As a rotation, I will move to South San Francisco within the use case. There I will have the opportunity to enhance the flow of knowledge and communication between the different locations. I will also be able to transfer the knowledge I have already acquired in Penzberg and implement it there. I am already looking forward to the time with my American colleagues, whom I have only met via video conferencing so far.

Our culture

In the Start IT programme, if you’re open, you’re encouraged to work on all sorts of projects and to take every chance to improve your skills. I enjoy the time with my colleagues and appreciate being able to try to figure out what suits me best!

Our workplace

I work at the Roche site in Penzberg in Bavaria, mostly in a Pharma Technical Development environment. The team consists of about 10 people who complement each other perfectly and develop solutions together.

For part of my time, I work with colleagues from Site IT. Together we develop approaches to evaluate already collected site data in a meaningful way in order to optimise existing processes.

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