Graduation Party 2017

Two and a half, three or three and a half years are now behind us, and we have reached our goal.

The final exams are over and all trainees and students in dual study programs of Roche Diagnostics celebrated their successful graduation on December 4, 2017 in the forum on the Mannheim works premises.


During an informal get-together with our instructors, we were welcomed by the training manager Dr. Elke Schwing. She warmly congratulated us on the passing of our final exams; the works council expressed its recognition of our achievements, too.

Some photos of our shared project weeks were shown to us once again to remind us of the great time during the training. That caused a “laugh” here and there. Directly in the first week of the training, we took a trip together for a week in order to get to know each other. Personally, that helped me a lot because I moved to Mannheim for the training and still did not know anyone here. The second trip put core focus on team-building, and during the last trip, we gained deeper insights into processes together, especially into how we can optimize them.

Then it was finally time to do the honors. All professional groups were individually asked to come up front with their trainer, who said a few words about his or her “protégés” and presented an envelope with a surprise. Now the time had come, we were officially released from the “rookie protection.” For me, it was a great time filled with a wealth of experiences, which is now coming to an end with a tear in one eye and a smile in the other.

Of course, what should then absolutely not be missed … a photo together as a memory of the wonderful time. Afterwards, it was time to hit the buffet with a sense of ease.

We have reached our objective, but many new goals are waiting for us. At Roche, all doors are now open for us.

In this spirit: cheers to our training time, and wishing everyone a lot of success for their future professional and private lives.

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