Introductory Week for 2018 Apprentices

On Monday, 3 September at 8 AM, we – the 2018 apprentices from the Roche site Mannheim – met to start into our introductory week. From the Roche facilities, two buses full of 83 students from the cooperative state university and apprentices, including their trainers, went to Mainz, where we settled into the youth hostel at the Volkspark.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Dr. Schwing, the training manager. She first gave us an overview of the week's schedule. After we had moved into our rooms containing 4-beds and had eaten our lunch, the first part of group work started right away.  Here, we went through five stations; one on each day.  We learned about a wide range of things about our future occupations at Roche, the products and history of the company, the code of conduct for apprentices, as well as our rights and obligations. We also wrote a letter to our future "I". At the same time, we also got to know our peers better as the groups differed in their composition for each station.

In addition to working in groups, there were also competitions in the form of Camp Olympics. Here, we were divided into seven teams, plus a team of trainers. We played games that taught us how to work better as a team.   

In addition, on Tuesday the youth and apprentice representatives introduced themselves to us in a series of games; they provided information about their work informally, and answered our questions.

The next day was all about a city rally, during which we had to pass through different locations in the city center of Mainz, play several games and almost lost it while searching for an ominous "Pendelspecht". That night, all of the teams got a 24-hour task, whose results would also be counted towards the Camp Olympics. Classical musicals such a "Dance of the Vampires", "Tarzan", or "Starlight Express" had to be revived, laced with what we had already learned about Roche during our work in groups.  Everyone was highly motivated, and the challenge was obviously fun for everybody so that rehearsals went on until late at night.   

After more work in groups and an athletic competition on Thursday, the final evening had approached fast. Each group presented a very creative and funny musical, causing lots of laughter and providing much entertainment. After the winners of the Camp Olympics had been awarded their prizes, the week came to an end with us dancing to good music together with our trainers.  

On the last day, our trainers provided us with a preview of the coming weeks and our company ID. We had joint feedback sessions and were introduced to the evaluation form for apprentices and students from the cooperative state university (Duale Hochschule) , and then left for the trip home after a joint lunch.

We had a busy, informative and fun introductory week during which we did not only get to know each other, but also our trainers. Much fun was had by all.  In addition, this event made us look forward to the coming weeks, months, and years in which we will then be able to learn what it is like to be part of the Roche world.

Your 2016 apprentices and dual-system students

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