#Team - "Fit for the #Team" Week


05-Mar – 09-Mar-2018

In the early morning of the 5th of March, it was off to the small town of Prüm in the Eifel for the cooperative university students and vocational trainees from Mannheim, Waiblingen and Grenzach. After an approximately 3-hour drive, the two fully packed coaches finally reached their destination.

Shortly after our arrival, the first task was to divide into small #teams independently. In these #teams, together with a trainer, we went through diverse #team exercises and theory classes in the course of the week. Thus, the “Pink Chickens”, the “Prümer StadtmusiFranken” [“The Prüm Town MusiFranks”], the “Unglaublichen R´s” [“Incredible R’s”] and all of the remaining groups were formed. The main topics of the week were communication, giving and receiving feedback correctly, #team spirit and Work 4.0.

The first morning started with short workout exercises, with one trainee group being responsible for each. We were, therefore, in good shape to start the group activities on the topic of “communication” on the second day. To strengthen our #team spirit, there was a little competition – we competed against the other #teams to construct a four-wheeled vehicle, to build a tower and to make a balance scale.


While we were already eagerly anticipating our 24-hour task, the topic “feedback” was of great importance. We playfully learned in various exercises how we can give and receive feedback constructively and respectfully.

On Wednesday evening, the time had finally come and the secret of the 24-hour task was revealed. The focus of this task was the topic “Work 4.0”, for which there were diverse topics, the allocation of which we hotly debated. The selection included dealing with change, digital competence and decision-making ability.

The 24-hour task consisted of a number of subtasks. For each topic, a video, a sketchnote and a window color picture had to be designed. In addition, we had small wooden boards to personalize and a suitable presentation to plan for the Thursday evening.

Highly motivated, all of the #teams got started with their tasks already on Wednesday evening – every minute counted. Each #team was, more or less relaxed, ready in time for the closing event. The output of the individual #teams was inspiring and all of the group exercises brought us closer together.

After a week to get to know each other in Mainz and a #team building week in Prüm, we are already looking forward to the next and sadly also the last project week in Medebach, North Rhine-Westphalia (or: in the Hochsauerland).

#TheTeam Kathrin Diefenbach, Marisa Haller


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