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I was able to develop according to my own preferences and strengths.
Claudia Dannehl, Brand Lead Roche Pharma AG Grenzach

Field service, Office duty, Field service, Office duty. You have been working for Roche since 12 years and have an unusual development behind you. Could you briefly outline this?

First I was active for six years as clinical scientist in the field service. With two small children the flexibility in the field force was best then for me and my family. At some point I had the feeling that I now "know“ field force work. The children became older and over time also my curiosity for marketing and the work in office duty grew.

Then you changed to office duty for the first time.

The opportunity to go to Grenzach ultimately came through a stand-in for parental leave. As I had already previously been a member of the product team I also roughly knew what to expect. Then after three months my superior at that time asked me to stay longer term.

Then you worked for three years as product manager…

…before I applied for the position as Team Lead in field service. I found the perspective of taking over responsibility for employees and learning employee leadership to be very appealing. I got the position and as of immediately I was responsible throughout Germany for a team of regional project managers. In my third station I was myself suddenly in the role of identifying potentials and promoting employee development. And I was out and about a lot again due to meeting appointments but also in Grenzach a lot.

Meanwhile you are back in office duty – and namely as Brand Lead.

And this was the next challenge. Now I am no longer a disciplinary superior, but lead a cross-functional brand team. So I no longer hold any direct employee responsibility, but now I am responsible for the overall strategy of a product. At the same time it is my task to make sure the team functions well, cooperates in a targeted way and that every member optimally performs his or her competences to jointly achieve the best possible result. This has a lot to do with leadership.

What makes your development unique?

Only very few can imagine the change between internal service and field service. In field service I am somewhat more flexible in the organisation of my work, but often also have to rely on myself completely. In office duty by comparison I am always surrounded by people and work a lot in different teams, which however is often also associated with more elaborate decision-making processes. These are simply two very different working worlds. Even though of course the content overlaps the everyday working life is completely different.

Did you also have other options in-between?

As biologist I could for example also have become Medical Manager, or of course could also have switched to other departments such as for example Market Access.

How did Roche support you in your development?

It is not a matter of course to have the opportunity to undertake this change. Roche had always welcomed and supported me in my "lateral development". Naturally I was lucky with my superiors who recognised my potential and who gave me the necessary jump-start. This support is also important. But at Roche there is more behind this..

What do you mean with this?

I was able to develop according to my own preferences and strengths. Roche had made this possible and I raise my hat for what Roche as a company undertakes for further training and also in employee leadership. I participated in many workshops and with the different positions I partially enjoyed a real vocational training. I found this extremely enjoyable and it has helped me to live up to the different roles.

How would you put your conclusion?

I wouldn't want to have missed the experiences. I had many advantages through my job change. I am networked in Grenzach in the best possible way. In my role today as Brand Lead I continuously benefit from the perspective and the overall understanding for the market, people and company.

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