Working at Roche – completely under the sign of health


The well-being of our employees is something that is very important to us at Roche. Therefore the promotion of health has long-since been integrated in our everyday company life. Every day roughly 15,900 employees at the locations Grenzach, Mannheim, Penzberg, Waiblingen and Berlin develop, produce and sell innovative products for health. Their ideas decisively contribute towards improving the quality of life of patients throughout the world. But to ensure their own well-being, Roche launched the Live Well-Initiative.

We ask Dr. Udo Binninger, Head of Medical Services of Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach, three questions regarding healthy working at Roche.

Health at the workplace: What is your understanding of this?

Udo Binninger: Health is generally important – not only, but also at the workplace. Although it is difficult to measure, it is however easily predictable. This means that if I am healthy today, I have a high predictive value that I will also be healthy tomorrow. As work makes up roughly one third of our time, it is worthwhile to also shape this time in a way that is healthy and to invest in our health. Therefore my only advice is: already invest in health today, and benefit from it today and tomorrow at the same time.

Therefore to what should one especially attend to strengthen and promote one's own health?

Udo Binninger: On the one hand it is of course important to be well informed. But the understanding about health alone is not sufficient. One needs to find a way how one can implement this understanding in specific actions. At all German locations Roche offers diverse possibilities to gain this understanding and also specifically implement this understanding.

How does Roche support the employees hereby?

Udo Binninger: We create a framework. This starts with small things like water dispensers and continues over ergonomic office furniture, up to targeted resource development with lectures and workshops involving health and also sport courses. Our initiative "Live Well. Find your balance." creates health awareness at the workplace and informs about health-related topics. Apart from year-round offers on the topic fitness, nutrition and health the Well-Being Week is also a component of the initiative. It offers a diverse programme on the topics employee support, psychological health, healthy lifestyle and prevention offers.
Thereby as a company Roche fulfils its long-term promise to promote a health culture at the workplace. Because having healthy, satisfied and happy employees that feel good at their workplace is something that is very important at Roche.

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