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With Helping hands from Grenzach to Bangalore

To be there, to help and to see that small actions can make a big difference. What begins as a teambuilding event becomes one of the most impressive adventures a year later.

Roche encourages and invests in the further education of its employees and is always keen to promote special projects and events for individual employees or teams. In doing so, technical as well as non-technical skills, communicative and social skills, entrepreneurial thinking and acting are promoted. The Helping Hands project is a special example of this, as the motto was "Out of the everyday - into the adventure". Besides personal development, the focus was on strengthening teamwork. One afternoon, the Finance and Business Services team worked together to produce simple hand prostheses for the benefit of needy people.

"It is a challenge to screw such a prosthesis together in a group of four - and it really only works in teamwork. Because each of us was only allowed to use one hand," says Peter Brandl, team leader in purchasing at Roche Pharma AG. "This experience conveys, at least in part, how difficult everyday tasks are when one hand is missing." Roche employees assembled a total of 15 prostheses in this way.

Directly on site in India: Into the adventure

A year later Peter was given the opportunity to personally present and fit the hand prostheses directly on site in India: "Isn't it fascinating that it takes virtually just an afternoon, team spirit and good organisation in the background to make a lasting difference in the lives of others? When Peter talks about the events of that summer, enthusiasm still resonates. Not only he benefited from this project, but also people in need in India.

Just one day after his arrival in India, he distributed the Helping Hands prostheses together with other helpers. The whole day was a string of different emotions for him: Insecurity, excitement, curiosity, compassion. By chance, he reached for a prosthesis that he had built himself with his team, put it on a young man and experienced a very special moment: his counterpart wrote his own name for the first time in ten years.

A task to grow

Peter now feels enriched by a special experience. "It gives courage to see what can be done with relatively simple means. It was about working together."

The Helping Hands project shows how employees and entire teams can grow from such an experience and benefit from it in their everyday work.

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