What exactly is a "Facility Manager" doing?

Asked by Roche in the Stuttgart area: "Facility manager"? Is that new German for janitor? Not at all! And certainly not at Roche in the greater Stuttgart area. How dynamic and multifaceted the everyday life in our so-called "Team FM" is instead and what complex topics and challenges the employees are confronted with every day, you will learn from Nadine, Andra and Martina below. 

Active participation in global projects? Regular exchange with colleagues across Germany, Switzerland, Spain or the USA? Helping to create an entirely new Roche site in the Stuttgart metropolitan region and the associated workplace concept? These exciting tasks sound almost too good to be real? Not at all! Because all these topics and many other interesting challenges are part of the daily routine of our "Team FM". 

Passion, personal responsibility and agility 

This is confirmed to us by Nadine Hein, Team Leader Facility Management: "We are a small, extremely dynamic and agile team in which each individual has considerable creative freedom and is passionately committed to the individual topics. Analogue to our corporate and location culture!" When we asked Nadine how this is expressed in concrete terms, she told us: "Currently, for example, when it is about consolidating our current three sites in the region, at our new Roche Campus in Ludwigsburg. The same applies, for example, to the associated further design of the workplace concept.

"In addition," adds Andra Roman, Facility Management Specialist, "we are given the opportunity to push forward further central projects, such as the introduction of relevant service tools, on our own responsibility. Starting with the concept, controlling and reporting, up to the implementation". And Martina Enders, Facility Management Specialist, adds: "This also means that we actively participate in global project teams and work jointly and transnationally on various topics, such as the creation of new facility management concepts.

The daily challenges: An enrichment

Of course, our facility management experts are also responsible for ensuring the security of our buildings and operational safety (among other things). The same applies to the planning, execution, coordination and monitoring of maintenance, assembly, modification and care work in the field of building services engineering and the associated management of the service providers involved as well as other internal and external stakeholders. But Nadine, Andra and Martina agree that these activities are never boring, but rather present new challenges almost daily - the (cross-functional) exchange and cooperation with a multitude of different people is perceived as exciting and enriching.

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