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Traineeship in Communications at Roche: Media, Know-How, Stories

Working on relevant topics and exciting stories: internal, external, cross-media - that's what Roche's communications traineeship stands for. Here, three of our communications trainees report on how they are getting closer to their dream job in Corporate Communications at Roche. Three trainees, three sites, three departments, three careers - this is how diverse traineeships are at Roche in Germany.

We are Nils Herzog from Mannheim, Anja Metzdorf from Grenzach and Madeleine Pannier from Penzberg. All three of us are currently completing our traineeship at Roche in Germany as an entry into the field of communications. Over a period of 18 to 24 months, depending on the location and personal experience, we will gain an insight into the content and organisational processes of Corporate Communications and get to know the diverse aspects of this exciting job. Our focus varies between HR, marketing or sales communication, internal communication, product or site communication in the pharmaceutical or diagnostics sector. We can individually supplement our practical training "on the job" with internal and external theoretical training. And we can also look beyond our own nose by working with internal or external partners (newspaper, TV, radio or PR agency). In the end, we are real communication all-rounders and have been able to gain an impression of the tasks and jobs we are particularly interested in.

roche, germany, careers, traineeship, blog, people
A lot of practice, the right theory behind it - and even more practice: My traineeship at Roche has drawn me from day one right into the world of corporate and product communication.
Nils Herzog

Our Impact

In communications, we work together on developing relevant information and exciting stories out of the diverse contents of our company, identifying interesting topics for the relevant stakeholders and presenting them attractively through various channels. In this way we support the strategic direction of the company and contribute significantly to the positioning of Roche in Germany - towards customers, the public and, of course, employees. 

A great mix of tasks and topics

When asked what surprised us most in the first weeks of our traineeship, we all three agree: No matter if you are a career changer or a communication scientist, everyone can get involved right from the start. 

roche, germany, careers, traineeship, blog, people
What impressed me the most was how I was integrated as a full team member from day one. I had been on board for less than two weeks when the big event Future X Healthcare 2019 took place in Munich. Photos, videos, statements - full engagement was required right from the start. Even if there is no big international event planned, the traineeship is challenging and varied.
Madeleine Pannier

Interesting tasks and own projects are not far away and are always full of variety: social media and newsletters are just as much a part of the job as trade fair appearances and video projects. Planning, recording and publishing your own podcasts? - No problem! Cross-media communication? - No foreign word for us. In no time at all, we experience the full range of corporate communications and public relations, organize employee events and press conferences, create intranet pages, write press releases and handle interview requests. This is challenging, but also incredibly exciting and instructive. When it comes to writing texts, we also learn the full range of tools - from location news and people stories to multimedia-based specialist articles, everything is included. The best thing about all this is that we not only carry out ready-made measures, but also create our own communication concepts: Strategic thinking and independent work are very important here. The excellent training opportunities that Roche offers us trainees in addition to our day-to-day work are another plus point on the long list. And of course the great colleagues!

What makes the job even more exciting is the networking and cooperation across departments and sites. We deal with people from the most diverse areas every day: whether plant management, IT, research and development, production or logistics - as a communicator you get to know everyone.

roche, germany, careers, traineeship, blog, people
I am particularly enthusiastic about the passion I feel every day, the strong sense of unity, the appreciation of individual personalities and the team spirit. Thanks to the open feedback and learning culture, everyone can contribute individual strengths and ideas. That makes a team incredibly strong.
Anja Metzdorf

Three locations with different advantages

All three locations have their advantages. Mannheim has a lot to offer culturally and is very liveable for young people. Furthermore, great excursion destinations like Heidelberg, the Palatinate Forest and the German Wine Route are not far away. Penzberg and the whole region around the lakes in the Alpine foothills is simply wonderful, perfect for nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts - working where others spend their holidays. And the proximity to Munich offers truly unlimited possibilities. Grenzach at the German tripoint allows exciting visits to events due to its proximity to Basel and Freiburg, and yet Swiss mountain culture is only a stone's throw away.

Are you interested in a traineeship at Roche in Corporate Communications? Then take a look at our careers page and find out whether there are any vacancies at the moment.

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