The sketching queen

Olivia Hartl-Spiegelhauer is group leader in diagnostics production at Roche in Penzberg, has a doctoral degree in biochemistry, is a mother, a passionate outdoor athlete, ambitious, committed and creative. With her graphic works, the "Sketching-Queen" combines hobby and profession and creates insight into many complex topics. Her artworks decorate several corridors and conference rooms.

I've been drawing since my early childhood. However, during my studies and at work I started off in a different direction. After my doctorate in biochemistry, two wishes grew in me: I wanted to create added value for patients and work in a large company that offers me a wide range of development opportunities. So in 2013 I started as a postdoctoral researcher at Roche in enzyme production and then moved on to my current position as group leader. At some point I realised that I was missing the creative side and, in addition to my everyday work, I studied graphic design -  that was a huge challenge in terms of time.

Olivia loves drawing and combines her hobby with her profession.

When it comes to getting through to people, I prefer to draw analog. There's always a touch of handmade, with a lot of passion.

A welcome break from the daily routine

I have always seen drawing as a hobby and never in connection with my job. However, the combination of these two factors led to the fact that I was suddenly able to use the medium "image" to visualize content in a way that was understandable - even complex issues from research or strategy development, for example. And of course it is also a nice change to my everyday work as a group leader in enzyme production, where patient care is the focus.  At the beginning I offered some areas, for example to record workshop results in sketches. This was well received and is sometimes more catchy than a written protocol. Thanks to the grapevine, the whole thing quickly developed a dynamic of its own - visual works simply stand out. From word marks to sketches and videos, everything was already there, including live drawings at employee events.

Penzberg as an ideal place to work

I love that today I can combine my scientific passion with strategic thinking and artistic creativity. Besides, it never gets boring here: in such an exciting and versatile job, no day is like the other. Every day I meet new, different people who inspire me, from whom I learn and with whom I laugh. The location of the Penzberg site in the Alpine foothills is another special advantage: I love the mountains, am a passionate skier, enjoy climbing and mountain biking - everything just fits here.

Doing Now What Patients Need Next

What do I associate with Roche? My first thought: my employer, my passion. At Roche I am part of a larger whole that helps patients around the world. I am proud to work at Roche and am impressed by our team spirit and cohesion.

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