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Taking the lead at Roche Diabetes Care

How does one actually become a manager and what does it take to become one? This time our blog post is all about leadership development. We talk to Katharina Kerl, who works in the People & Organizational Growth unit at Roche Diabetes Care (RDC) in Mannheim.

How do I become an executive manager at RDC?

There are of course many ways - every career is very individual - which is good and right. Nevertheless you can differentiate three ways: 

  • On the one hand, I can develop from an expert to a manager, because I want to make a difference with my/a team. In my talks, the so-called Check-ins with my manager, I discuss my development, my strengths, my goals. If I am unsure whether leadership is something for me, I can take part in a two-day workshop and find out for myself. What we also have at RDC is a Development Center, which shows me and my superiors in which fields I still need to develop to become a good leader.
  • On the other hand, I can start as a trainee in our Management Start Up Program, where the program already lays the foundation for me to pursue a management career in the following years.
  • Or I can already come from another company as a manager and join RDC in an appropriate position.

Whatever the path I take, every professional career is individual. We live our principle here: Where your fulfillment meets our company's purpose. This can also mean that I give up my leadership role again because I find my purpose in another position in the company and can make a greater contribution there. Careers are not always linear... 

What does a start as a manager at RDC look like?

If I accept a position as a manager, it is very important to be in close contact with my own manager in regular check-ins, to obtain feedback, to deal with our Leadership Commitments and to "grow into" the role. Roche has a series of training courses to help me develop into a good leader in line with our commitments. The exchange with other new and experienced managers is an important part of leadership development. The exchange with my own manager and feedback from my environment is essential.

roche, careers, germany, people, blog
Personal development to and as a manager requires personal initiative and many, many feedback sessions!

How do I develop as a leader at RDC?

First of all, everyone is responsible for their own development, that means hardly anyone will come and say "Come on, I'll develop you". And then feedback is the be-all and end-all, which is why coaching with your own manager is so important. Of course, we also have tools that we use within the Group. One example is the Leadership Circle Profile, which all of our managers went through this year. The 360-degree feedback initially helps each manager to identify, acknowledge and work on their areas of development. We also deal with the profiles openly: At our last management conference, for example, we made the overall profile of the management team transparent. This made us aware of our current leadership culture, our strengths and our development needs as a leadership team. 

Are you interested in a (management) career at Roche? Then take a look at our job advertisements! We are looking forward to your application!

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