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Strong through diversity!

Roche in Greater Stuttgart
I fundamentally believe that diversity of people enhances innovation. The different ways of thinking foster creativity. But just having diversity is not enough. We have to embrace and appreciate each other’s diversity to translate it into novel ideas – that’s why inclusion of people is so important.
Severin Schwan CEO Roche


According to numerous studies, companies that rely on diverse teams are in many areas more successful than others are. They benefit from the different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of their employees.

For this reason, Roche strives to create a working environment in which the diversity of each individual is not only valued but can also be specifically encouraged and integrated into daily activities and work. This applies regardless of gender, ethnic origin, sexual or religious orientation.

Living Reality: Internationalization

A more detailed look at the Roche site in the Stuttgart area, which is the Center of Excellence of Roche Diagnostics for laboratory automation solutions, shows that this is a lived reality. Thus Patrizia Manca, who is responsible for the local human resources organization, says: “Every single day we do everything we can to provide our customers with innovative solutions today while at the same time developing innovations for tomorrow. The basis of our success is certainly a corporate culture based on the values of courage, integrity and passion as well as the diversity of our dedicated employees, who come from around 30 different nations.”

When asked employees how they experience this special culture in their day-to-day work, we learn from Giuseppe Lommano, who works as a Product Release Officer at Roche: “We really do bring together very different cultures. Of course, this not only involves different languages, but also specific ways of thinking and working that not only promote diversity in our team and throughout the company, but also open up new perspectives for all of us.” His colleague Din Mustafi, Business Process Manager, adds: “This cultural diversity, which we are able to experience every day, not only enriches our local knowledge pool, but also contributes positively to our global know-how. After all, the best solutions are the result of different perspectives and the consistent questioning of the status quo.”

Enrichment through equality

Another important pillar of our corporate culture is the fact that at Roche we have created an environment in which men and women can truly meet as equals.

Against this backdrop, we find it extremely enriching - in addition to our day-to-day work in international teams - that women hold around 33% of local management positions.

Thus, it is of course important for our employees to be able to balance their professional and private lives. For this reason, we have developed various concepts to enable us to respond as effectively as possible to our employees` various life situations. Nadine Hein, Head of Facility Management, confirms this by saying: “It was clear to me at a very early stage that I would like to return to my old job as team leader in facility management after the birth of my child. I articulated this wish to my superiors accordingly and received their full support from the very beginning. I have been back since October 2015 and continue to lead my team.”

Diversity and inclusion or: We at Roche make the mix possible

As the above theoretical impulses and practical examples already suggest, it is diversity that describes the multitude of both visible and invisible differences between people. In addition to the characteristics already mentioned, such as gender or ethnic origin, this also includes beliefs, physical differences, ways of thinking and preferences or behavior.

The term inclusion essentially means, “making the mix possible”; i.e. proactive behavior creates an environment in which everyone is included, treated fairly and respectfully and has equal access to opportunities and resources, thus contributing to the success of the company and developing targeted solutions for patients. Just like at Roche!

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