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Start-up mentality is in the air at RoX

We talked to Eva Poggio, one of the four co-founders of RoX Health GmbH, the new company builder of Roche in Berlin. She and her colleagues are looking for founders and start-ups working on digital healthcare solutions.

What does RoX do exactly?

Our goal is to work with start-ups to help patients receive better and faster healthcare through digital solutions.

In other words, digital solutions must actually reach the patient, and we want to make our contribution to the healthcare system.

This requires not only technical know-how, but also experience in how to transfer a product to German standard care and commercialize it. The start-ups we work with often bring along very good IT skills and know what is user-friendly, so they deal intensively with the so-called "user experience". But they do not always have the knowledge of how the German healthcare system works. That's where we take them by the hand with our relevant knowledge and experience and support them on their way through the regulatory process. By the way, this is what distinguishes us from other company builder or accelerator programs.

So we evaluate together with the start-ups whether their business model has a chance on the market and help them through the somewhat complicated jungle of regulation. We help start-ups to apply for approval as a so-called Digital Health Application (DiGA), so that their solution is reimbursable by health insurance companies. 

A further step is then commercialisation: founders have often developed a promising solution but do not know how to scale it up quickly in the market. This is where we can help with our expertise.

Cooperation with start-ups 

We have developed our own due diligence, which we use together with the start-up company to examine to what extent their solution is marketable. So not only must the business model be right, but the product or solution must also meet the requirements to be recognised as a digital healthcare solution by the responsible Federal Office for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). So that the app can also be prescribed by doctors on prescription. 

We work together with founders and start-ups in different phases. On the one hand, we support them at an early stage in the development of their business model. But start-ups also come to us when their product or solution is already more mature.

What Eva Poggio appreciates most about her work 

We at RoX are all pioneers, driven by the desire to make healthcare available to people faster and better. Ideally, to keep people healthy or identify diseases earlier than before - e.g. Alzheimer's or cancer.

I really enjoy working with start-ups. We work together at eye level in creative design thinking methods, and our interaction is characterized by openness and trust. Our good team spirit is very important to me. And there is not a day when I don't learn or experience something new. A very dynamic process! And somehow we are a start-up ourselves - we also had to set up our own structures first. An experience for which I am very grateful and which I wouldn't want to miss.

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