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Ready for the future?

Digitization, Agility, Transformation, New Work, Work 4.0, Innovation, Industry 4.0, Big Data, Personalized Healthcare,... The world of work is changing and one buzzword follows another. It is not easy to see through this, but it is a decisive precondition for shaping our future. That's why we kidnapped our employees in Mannheim and Penzberg in a special event and showed them answers to a central question: 

"How do we work tomorrow?" 

A different fair

<>, that was more than just a fair. Colleagues were able to immerse themselves in the Roche world of the future. In four interactive experience worlds, employees had the opportunity to find out what the working world of tomorrow will feel like. And there were some cool things to see: for example, the first collaborative robots at Roche or one' s own reflection as a work of art - "painted" by an artificial intelligence. 

How does "working" work in the future?

Are we all going to work out of our own gardens? Or at the beach? Why not? Working independently of place and time is also a part of this new world. As well as new competences and technologies. In the "Work 4.0" theme world, employees were able to find out about the future of the world of work. Among other things, there were exciting insights on the subject of chatbots, the latest IT tools and the office environment of the future. 

And what can I do now for my future?

One thing is clear: standstill is not an option. Lifelong learning is more important than ever and the possibilities are manifold. In view of this, after all the impressions there was a little breather at the event and room to exchange over a cup of coffee. In the "Digital Fitness Test", colleagues were able to find out how well they are already prepared for the future. With lots of useful information on development opportunities, contacts and resources, employees stood side by side with each other. Among other things, a group of "Digital Ambassadors" has set itself the task of accompanying colleagues through digital change. In the café area, visitors also had the opportunity to discuss questions, concerns and ideas about the future that Roche should hear. What do they want for their work in the future? Flexibility, a culture of trust, personal responsibility, a lot of cooperation and of course fun.

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