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My success story

Ramin fled as an Afghan refugee from Iran to Germany to realize his dream.

My name is Mohammed Ramin Safi, I was born in Kunduz, Afghanistan.

When I was two years old, I fled with my family from Afghanistan to Iran, but life as an Afghan refugee in Iran is fraught with many problems: One is excluded from many things and has no possibility to choose freely a profession. Therefore, at the age of 16 years I fled to Germany via Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Austria. I was on the road for about three months when I finally arrived in Mannheim.

My parents and my siblings always wanted me to become a doctor or engineer. Because nobody from my family went to school except me and my sister. In Mannheim I pursued this dream, learned German and got an internship at Roche as a chemical laboratory assistant. I really enjoyed the work and I discovered my preference for this profession, which I had not known before. I was able to get involved and prove my strengths. After an online test and discussions with the training department, I finally got an apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory assistant at Roche. I learned a lot during the three years of training, received a lot of support and successfully completed my apprenticeship in July 2019.

I was then offered a permanent position in the department of my choice.

Ramin's path to Roche was not an easy one



My mum always said: 'I would like to see my son sitting at his computer at work, working and typing on the keyboard, so taq taq taq!' This sentence from my mother has been my greatest motivation ever since, and it has brought me here and will continue to do so.

Our impact

In my department we are developing new methods to detect heart attacks. Roughly explained, after a heart attack, certain proteins are produced by the heart that can be detected in the blood. This is where our development comes in to make the diagnosis of heart attacks safer and more precise. Our work enables us to simplify the diagnostic process for patients (and doctors) while guaranteeing the highest quality.


The place to Work

Roche is an international company with many opportunities. I have felt very comfortable there since the beginning. This is mainly due to the pleasant working atmosphere. There are numerous development opportunities for employees. For example, Roche supports my desire to start a degree course because I would like to gain further qualifications. I have the opportunity to adapt my working hours to my studies and to integrate my work into my studies. Working at Roche is great fun. The equipment is high-quality and modern, which is why I really enjoy working in the laboratory. As Roche is a large company with many sites, there is also the opportunity to get to know different places and colleagues.

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