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Postdoc at Roche: From theory to practice

Studied, graduated and then? A doctorate in the bag and all options open - but the path after the doctorate does not automatically have to become an academic career or end in science - Bikram's path led him to Roche in Penzberg where he was able to combine research and development as a postdoc in antibody development.

Searching for talents worldwide

The main goal of the postdoc programme at Roche is to foster and bring together talents from all over the world. During their two years of employment, the young scientists contribute to existing projects and also have the opportunity to conduct their own research. The work at Roche not only marks the next important step in their scientific career, but also offers a high chance of being taken over at the end of the programme. Another advantage is that the exchange between the new doctoral graduates and the employees on site also produces a high level of innovative thinking and action. And this benefits the development of diagnostic products and medicines that can be used to improve prevention and the health of patients.

Bikram, who has since been taken over as a Scientist in Protein Chemistry, joined Roche three years ago to work in antibody research after completing his pharmacy degree and PhD. What he particularly appreciates about working as a postdoc in a healthcare company is that he gets to work on a real product that can later help people, make their lives easier and maybe even save them. 

Roche Careers, Germany, Blog, People
There is a realistic possibility that the product you are working on will go to market. Millions can benefit from it. It´s a good feeling.

Penzberg: more than just mountains and forest

Apart from the positive feeling Bikram gets from the scope of his research, his colleagues motivate him every day at work. Especially the open attitude and the willingness to share his own results and findings with the team for a common goal have positively surprised him at Roche. For him, it becomes clear that it is actually the benefit for the patients that drives everyone.

What he likes best at the Penzberg site itself is the combination of the modern group with the surrounding nature. On his first trip to the campus, he was initially unsure whether a company site would actually appear after so many trees. Bikram was equally fascinated by the proximity to the mountains and the sportiness and adventurousness of his colleagues: "You can hardly go into the mountains at Penzberg without meeting a Roche colleague," he jokes, and in the meantime he has become an enthusiastic hiker himself, who feels more than comfortable in Penzberg with his family in addition to his work.

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