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Personalized training at Roche

With our concept of Personalized Training, we succeed in offering modern and forward-looking training at Roche in Germany. Important: The focus is on each individual trainee/student in order to further promote their individual needs and to build up required competencies. In the end, this leads to the result that you receive a training plan that is specifically tailored to you and is continuously revised and adapted.

This is confirmed by almost a dozen research studies conducted by the Heidelberg University of Education, which confirm that our trainees and students have a highly developed awareness and profile of competencies. And so you are fit for the new world of work.

Through the Personalized Training, I identify with my development potential and can myself help to shape this training model according to my ideas,

is how student Franka Umstätter describes the advantages.

We are currently working on certifying this model at Roche: high standards and the satisfaction of our trainees and students should guarantee the success of the personalized training.

But how does it work with the personalized training in concrete terms?

The first half year of your apprenticeship/study is dedicated to the time to arrive at Roche. You get to know the company and its processes and gain first experiences in practical assignments on site in the specialist departments.

Then follows the first so-called portfolio interview with your trainer and you first report what you have found easy in the last six months, what you have enjoyed and where you see your first successes. You then describe what you found difficult and where you would like more support, for example. Finally, together with your trainer, you formulate which modules you would like to use to shape the next six months of your training.

roche, germany, careers, people, blog
I particularly like the guideline-based 1-to-1 portfolio discussions. Together with the trainer, we reflect on interests and skills and set individual priorities for the training. A pronounced awareness of competencies (What can I do? What do I want?) and extensive self-learning skills (self-directed learning) are particularly encouraged.
Lukas Dietsch Bachelor of Science, Business Information Systems (3rd year of training)

Of course, you have to complete the so-called compulsory modules during your training, as this is how we guarantee the contents of your job description. In addition, however, you have an almost limitless number of optional modules at your disposal: technical topics, but also measures to strengthen your personality and your skills. The latter will be difficult for you at the beginning - but you will get a lot of feedback: from the colleagues you have worked with so far, from your trainer, through personality tests that help you to describe what you can do and what you still need to work on. And finally, of course, you have yourself, with your individual personality that you can trust and your diversity that we value very much.

How do you choose the right modules for you? When selecting the modules, your trainer will give you important impulses and, above all, make sure that you do not over- or under-challenge yourself. Ultimately, however, you decide which and how many elective modules you would like to complete in the coming semester. And after another half-year, the next portfolio discussion will take place, with the review and outlook already described. At the end of your training/study, you will have had four portfolio discussions, thus continuously building your training around you as a person.

roche, germany, careers, people, blog
The concept of personalized training allows me to tailor my in-house instruction to my personal interests and needs. In doing so, we have a wide range of technical and personality-developing modules to choose from.
Mira Poppele Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Engineering (3rd year of training)


On average, our trainees and students take 15 elective modules during this time. As I said, on average, because we also understand this as personalized training - one person can and wants to take more of these modules - the other just less.

roche, germany, careers, people, blog
What I particularly like about personalized training is the opportunity to decide for myself in which department I would like to spend my practical phase. That way, I can choose projects that are interesting to me and have a say in what topics I want to learn about.
Luisa Fuss Bachelor of Science, Applied Computer Science (3rd year of training)

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