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One week "we in the process"

Under the motto "We in the process", we have started with the entire second year of training of the Mannheim and some trainee colleagues from Grenzach for a week in the Center Park Hochsauerland in Medebach.

The objective was to develop process flows, the value-added chain and the associated to get to know and understand process optimization and to develop ourselves personally.

At the beginning, the most important basics of the mentioned topics were developed in a playful way. with playing like "four wins", "the puzzle" or building a ship using the Kanban principle has been the process and also the community idea are strengthened. On the basis of these principles it was then a matter of to solve the 48-hour task from Wednesday. This was given to us by the CIP team and consisted of from developing an autonomous start-up idea that would provide Roche with a profitable use. As with all tasks, the groups were also represented here in Competitive with each other. On Thursday evening the innovations were then presented and the Winner of the week. The team "Transmissions" has won with their app "My Workplace", the shows free parking spaces, navigates across the plant site and shows the capacity in the casino. But The innovations of the other groups were in no way inferior to the "transmissions". All ideas are presented to the leadership of the CIP team and there is a very good chance that they will be able to will be implemented in the future.

In addition to our work, we had the opportunity to spend our leisure time in the Center Park with activities such as Bowling, playing football, swimming or climbing. In addition we have ourselves and the trainers, in the houses in which we work with up to 6 people from different professions have lived in, according to a fixed diet. We were able to demonstrate and further develop your independence.

All in all, we were able to experience an instructive and beautiful week in Medebach and were able to the entire apprenticeship year.

Shirin Mees, Jasmin Kaiser

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